Did you know that many computer keyboards have more germs than a toilet seat? It’s scary, but true. After all, how many times per month do you clean your keyboard? And how often do you clean your bathroom?

If you’re like most people, you never clean your keyboard, and you clean your bathroom once every couple weeks. Cleaning a keyboard isn’t an easy job, and most people simply avoid doing it – ever.

The unfortunate truth is that when you use your computer, germs collect quickly on whatever you touch. If you eat at your computer desk, the amount of germs on your keyboard goes up exponentially, and warm environments are particularly bad for collecting germs.

Fortunately, Logitech has developed an innovative solution to messy keyboards: a washable keyboard that can be submerged under water whenever it needs to be cleaned. And, it only costs $40.

Check this thing out:

The commercial presents a common problem. If you’ve ever spilled a sticky cup of soda or coffee onto your keyboard, then you know that it’s basically the end of your keyboard’s life. Unless you unplug the keyboard right away and then leave it to dry out for a week, you probably short-circuited something in your keyboard, or one of your keys might be permanently plugged with sticky dried soda.

Logitech’s solution is called the Logitech Washable Keyboard K310, and it’s not just a cheap keyboard with a few waterproof features. Instead, it features laser-engraved keys that don’t fade as well as drainage holes that allow water to flow out after a quick wash.

After a wash, Logitech promises that the keyboard will look brand new and it will function perfectly well. Simply dunk the keyboard in 11 inches of water, use mild soap and a soft cloth, and avoid submerging the USB cable. Then, let it dry for a few hours and plug it back on. Logitech doesn’t recommend putting the K310 in a dishwasher, although some people have been able to wash other keyboards in their dishwashers without a problem:

If you do plan on taking the dishwasher approach, just be sure to let your keyboard dry out for a long time. And try to use your lightest possible dishwasher settings (i.e. lowest temperature).

So far, the top YouTube comment on that video is “for the drunk gamer.” We’re not going to argue with that one. For whatever messes you might get on your keyboard, the Logitech K310 wants to help. Check it out on Logitech’s official website today.

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