Bad news for computer users who want to speed up their PCs as much as possible. Instead of simply powering on your PC and then watching it boot directly to the desktop, it looks like Windows 8 will force users to access the tiled Start screen before they proceed.

The tiled Start screen was previously known as Metro until Microsoft suddenly dropped the term last week. Some suspect the company dropped the term due to a possible lawsuit from a European retail partner called Metro AG, while others suspect that Microsoft just didn’t like the name.

At the Speed Up My PC Free blog, one of the most valuable tips we tell our users is how to reduce PC startup times. By implementing simple tips (like installing PC Cleaner Pro), most users can shave 10 to 20 seconds off their boot process. For people who have to boot their computer several times per day (or even just once in the morning), this can be a big boost to productivity.

But now, all of those lost seconds could go to waste since users won’t be able to bypass the tiled Start screen. This is bad news for anybody who dislikes Windows 8’s unique interface and simply wants to use the operating system like a normal Windows system.

Those who are defending Windows 8 say that the operating system comes with plenty of shortcuts that will make it easier for computer users to accomplish anything they need to do. Shortcuts like Windows Key + D, Windows Key + B, and Windows Key + M will all reportedly make it easier to switch in and out of desktop mode.

Over the time Windows 8 has spent in development, Microsoft has been accused of ramming its new operating system down users’ throats. Instead of allowing people to pick and choose the Windows 8 features they want to use, Microsoft is making it difficult to customize the operating system in any way.

Microsoft has until October 26 to make this change, and if they don’t, they could be facing a fair bit of criticism as they move forward. I guess we’ll have to wait until then to find out if users can still speed up their PCs and optimize startup sequences.

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