The GTX680 has been all the rage in the graphics card market over the last few weeks. As one of the most powerful cards on the market today, the GTX 680 is capable of some amazing things. However, for users who want to squeeze even more performance out of their video card, hardware manufacturers Palit and Gainward have released 4GB models of the 680.

Featuring three massive fans and 4GB of onboard DRAM, the Palit GeForce GTX680 JetStream 4GB has been blowing past every performance benchmark that the PC industry has sent its way. However, it’s important to note that while the 2GB model of the JetStream came with a significant overclock pre-loaded, the 4GB model doesn’t. We suspect that for most PC users, this lack of an overclock will be perfectly okay.

Meanwhile, Gainward’s 4GB model has one sleek looking heatsink. Inside, it has two large fans blowing air onto the card. However, the main selling feature is that its cooling system is incredibly quiet: while adding a card like Palit’s into your system could significantly increase the volume in your PC, Gainward’s is surprisingly silent. In fact, the company promises it to be the “most silent air-cooled board in the market you can find.”

Like Palit’s 4GB card, Gainward has chosen to stick to stock speeds, but it does come with an overclocking utility if you need to squeeze out a little extra performance.

The catch

If you’re a PC gamer looking to speed up your computer, then you may be foaming at the mouth to get a shot at the GTX 680. Unfortunately, you may have to wait before installing it in your rig. Tech stores around the world have been in short supply of the 680 since its release, and the new 4GB models may have an even more restricted supply.

While pricing hasn’t been released for either Palit’s or Gainward’s 4GB cards, expect it to be quite a bit higher than the 680’s current $500 price tag.

If you’re serious about speeding up your computer, but don’t necessarily want to spend a week’s wages on an upgrade, then you can always run an optimization program like PC Cleaner Pro 2012. While it won’t boost your computer’s graphics performance as much as video card upgrade would, users have still noticed surprisingly large increases in frames per second while gaming, as well as an overall boost to their computer’s speed.

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