Notch Buys $70 Million Mansion, Minecraft Community Recreates It In-Game

Notch Buys $70 Million Mansion, Minecraft Community Recreates It In-Game

Last week, Minecraft creator Marcus “Notch” Persson bought a $70 million mansion in Beverly Hills. This week, gamers recreated that mansion in-game down to the nearest block.

It took the Minecraft community just a week to build Notch’s mansion in game, giving Minecraft players a way to experience a lifestyle they’re unlikely to ever experience in person.

The mansion, by the way, was a custom designed home in the upper reaches of Beverly Hills. It features a stunning view of downtown Los Angeles (just like every house in Beverly Hills, I guess) and is the most expensive mansion ever sold in Beverly Hills.

It’s got all the stuff you want in a luxury mansion, including vehicle lifts that bring your cars to the surface and an infinity pool looking out over the world.

In-game, the Notch mansion features 23,000 virtual square feet of living space. Built by Dan Bovey, the in-game version of the house is based on a promotional video released by the real estate development company. So no, Bovey did not get to travel inside the mansion himself for authenticity purposes.

Bovey even made a video which looks very similar to the promotional video of the real house. All the details appear to have been added – right down to the lineup of candy machines on the wall.

You can view Bovey’s Planet Minecraft page here. Notch’s mansion can be downloaded from here and installed like you would install any normal Minecraft map.



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