If you spend a lot of time on your computer doing homework or real work, then you could probably use a boost in productivity. As much as computers have simplified our lives, they have also made some aspects of it more complicated.

Trying to focus on the internet is harder today than it has ever been in the past, and sometimes, the amount of information available to you may seem like it is too much to handle. If you want to improve your work ethic, speed up your PC productivity, and have a happier, healthier life, then we can help. Keep reading to discover three of our favorite ways to improve your productivity on the computer.

Exercise before sitting down at your desk

If you mind is tired, blurry, and unfocussed when you sit down to work, then you may not want to read complicated documents right away, or send out new emails. Instead, you may find yourself going to time-wasting websites like Facebook or YouTube, and before you know it you will have wasted an hour of your valuable time.

To prevent this unproductive chain of events from happening to you, try exercising before you work on your PC. Even something as simple as doing push-ups and sit-ups under your desk can provide a big boost to energy – not to mention the health benefits as well. Many successful people preach the benefits of taking a morning jog, or exercising during their lunch hour. Put simply, when your mind is sharp, you won’t be distracted as easily.

Be organized

Most people find that an organized desk leads to an organized mind. No matter what kind of work environment you’re in, many people find that they can improve their productivity by keeping the things around them organized. When you look around and see how neat everything is, it puts many people in a more productive mood. If you work in an office environment, your orderliness may also be appreciated by the people around you.

But don’t stop organizing once you’ve cleaned your desk and your office. Organize things on your PC, like your email inbox, your desktop, or your documents folder. This will make it easier to find the things that you need and can provide a big boost in productivity. Instead of trying to tackle this problem once a month, spend a minute or two at the end of each work day tidying up your workspace. This will make the job seem much easier.

Obviously, it’s important to walk the line between being organized and being obsessive compulsive. If you start spending more time organizing then you do working, then you’re not being very productive.

Use a physical notepad

If you’re like a lot of people, then the computer isn’t the only tool on your desk. You may also have a cell phone, tablet, laptop, or several other pieces of technology. Despite being surrounded by all that innovation, there is still something to be said about the power of a physical notepad. When you write information down, as opposed to typing it out, scientific studies have shown that you tend to remember it better.

Use your notepad to keep track of the tasks you have to do today, or whatever other information you deem important. It can be a great place to do quick math or keep track of online account information, for example. Put simply, a notepad can be a great productivity tool, and just because there are easier ways to write things down doesn’t always mean you should use them.

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