Certain sections of the Nvidia forums were shut down today after a serious password leak exposed user data. Specifically, the ‘General’ and ‘Developer’ sections of Nvidia’s forums were closed after “unauthorized third parties” were able to gain access to sensitive user data.

What did these so-called “unauthorized third parties” manage to steal? According to Nvidia, the hackers were able to escape with forum usernames, email addresses, passwords, and other public profile information. Since public profile information includes things like gender, birthdate, age, and username, this is a very serious data leak that has the potential to affect thousands of people.

Of course, Nvidia is trying to downplay the seriousness of the breach by stating that all of the public profile information was already visible to the internet before the breach. However, combined with personal information like usernames and passwords, that information could ruin somebody’s life. It wouldn’t take long to get access to somebody’s bank account using that data, or answer security questions on email and social media websites.

Nvidia forum users are urged to protect themselves by resetting passwords to any other sites that used the same password, like email accounts or social media sites. For now, Nvidia has reset all forum user passwords and emailed its members.

For what it’s worth, Nvidia’s password information was not stored in a plain text file (something that has been seen in other notable data leaks from big companies). All passwords were hashed, providing at least some layer of protection against hackers. Unfortunately, it appears that the protection wasn’t enough.

It seems like every day we’re covering another data leak from a major tech company. Yesterday, it was Yahoo Voice leaking hundreds of thousands of user passwords. Today, it’s Nvidia. There has never been a better time to safeguard yourself against identity theft by using special anti-malware software like PC Cleaner Pro. Download your free trial today and start protecting yourself against the latest virus threats and hacker attacks.



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