It took a long time, but Google has finally made podcasts available in Google Play Music.

To date, millions of PC users have iTunes on their computers exclusively to download podcasts because there aren’t a lot of better ways. Now, thanks to Google Play Music, downloading podcasts is easy (provided you already have a Google Play account).

The podcast interface will be immediately familiar to anyone who has ever downloaded music from Google Play Music: you’ll see contextual recommendations based on what Google thinks it knows about you.

You’ll also be able to browse the tops of the charts across multiple categories. A surprising number of categories are already listed, including everything from sports to religion to news.

google play podcasts 2

Most of the popular podcasts are already there: Google actually appeared ready to launch its podcasts platform last fall, but decided to wait until popular podcasts signed onto the service.

You’ll find all of the mainstays of the podcasting word, including Marc Maron’s WTF, Stuff You Should Know, Pro Football Talk, The Joe Rogan Experience, and many others.

The interface is entirely web-based, so you can access it over your Windows PC, your Chromebook, or your mobile device. You can stream podcasts from the browser, but you won’t be able to download podcasts (yet). You also won’t be able to access podcasts through the mobile app until you download the latest update.

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