President Obama Now Has Ability to Launch Pre-Emptive Cyber Attacks

President Obama Now Has Ability to Launch Pre-Emptive Cyber Attacks

As the world’s technology becomes more and more advanced, it looks like the battlefields of the future will be virtual, not physical. After all, we’ve already created technology that can destroy the world thousands of times over, and what’s the point of that when you can take away somebody’s internet?

Virtual battlefields might not be far away from becoming a reality, so to speak. According to recent research by, President Barack Obama now has the legal ability to launch pre-emptive cyber-attacks against anybody deemed to be a target of the United States.

That ability extends to the military branch of the United States, although the branch would first need to receive permission from the President.

Apparently, the ability to launch preemptive cyber-attacks is designed as a “response to growing concerns about crippling attacks against U.S. critical infrastructure targets by enemy states.”

The United States and cyber warfare initiatives

The TechHive report also revealed just how much the United States government is investing into cyber attacks and cyber defense. Specifically, the Cyber Command unit at the Pentagon plans to add 4,000 more troops and civilians to its command structure. The unit also plans to create three distinct branches, including Cyber National Mission Forces, Cyber Combat Mission Forces, and Cyber Protection Forces, all of which sound like something out of Terminator or some other futuristic movie.

In any case, Call of Duty games twenty years from now might look more like scenes from the Matrix than from Saving Private Ryan. As said above, the next major battlefields will be virtual.



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