“Project Cars” Could Be the Best Looking PC Racing Game Ever Made

“Project Cars” Could Be the Best Looking PC Racing Game Ever Made

Every smart gamer knows that PC gaming is the best.

It has the best graphics, the best mods, the best multiplayer, etc. etc.

But a new game called Project Cars could be the best looking PC racing game ever made. Project Cars is arriving for the PC, Xbox One, and PS4 later this year and recent preview screenshots have caused gamers to get excited.

Project Cars is currently being developed by World of Mass Development. That developer released screenshots of Project Cars at the end of 2013 which highlight some incredibly realistic texture effects, skybox designs, and race tracks.

project cars 1

When you look at the screenshots accompanying this article, it’s normal to think that those shots are from concept screens and have been heavily processed. But with Project Cars, that’s not the case. These screenshots are from in-game footage and were created with no specialized photo software or post-processing techniques.

As you can see, the shots take place on a number of different tracks and show highly-detailed, accurate cars. It’s amazing to look at and it’s difficult to imagine playing a game like this in real-time.

project cars 2

We don’t know much about Project Cars yet, but more information will be revealed over the course of 2014. If you have a beefy PC, prepare to get excited for what could be one of the best-looking racing games of 2014 and likely the best-looking racing game ever made.

Back in the day, Gran Turismo games always had the best graphics and it was amazing what Polyphony Digital was able to do with the PlayStation 2’s limited capabilities. Today, with the power of the Xbox One, PS4, and the latest PC hardware, video games have never looked better.

project cars

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited for Project Cars. I just hope my PC can handle it.

You can see more Project Cars screenshots here: http://www.wmdportal.com/projectnews/project-cars-community-gallery-76/



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