Curved screens are here and they are here to stay. From smartphones to TVs and PC monitors, you’re about to see curved screens in a lot more places.

But what’s the point of a curved screen? Do they make your PC games look better? And are any curved monitors worth the high price tag? Today, we’re going to answer those questions and explain why you might consider buying a curved PC screen.

What is a curved monitor?

First, let’s talk about what we’re dealing with. A curved monitor is designed to fit the shape of your eye. High-end theater systems have actually used curved screens for a few years now.

“Fitting the shape of your eye” means that the monitor is designed to curve with your pupils as they stretch across the convex oval shape of your eye.

The end result of all this curving is that your pupils are equal distances from the screen. And that’s important when it comes to the way your eyes interpret visual information.

You can easily test this theory right now. Read this text and try looking at the edges of your screen or your office. See how things get blurry, even though your eyes are pointing towards it? That’s a problem that curved screens are designed to solve.

Instead of images getting blurry towards the edges of your screen, they’ll maintain the same sharpness. At least that’s the idea in theory.

curved pc monitor

Curved screens versus flexible displays

Most curved screens are set to a certain curve. You can’t change your curve if you don’t like it.

Certain companies, however, have taken the curved screen concept a step further by creating flexible displays. Flexible displays, like the OLED TV available from LG, give users the ability to curve their TV however they like or even use it as a normal flat screen TV.

curved tv pros and cons

Advantages of a curved monitor

-Sharper images on every square inch of your TV due to the fact that the curve follows the contours of your pupil

-Sharp, clear, 4K video (most curved TVs feature 4K resolutions)

-Show off your cool new technology to your friends

Disadvantages of a curved PC monitor or TV

-There’s a sweet spot for curved displays, and if you’re sitting outside of this sweet spot, the visuals won’t look as good

-Most people won’t actually notice the difference in picture quality on curved displays

-Differences are only really noticeable on really large TV screens or for people who sit dangerously close to their screens

Most people should not buy a curved TV screen. As the technology works now, curved TVs are marketed mainly for people who can fit a 70 incher in their living room (and afford it) and enjoy showing off newfangled technology to their neighbors.

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