If you have read any PC security articles over the past few years, then you’ve probably noticed a common theme: every PC security expert recommends using ‘https’ whenever possible. Https – the extra ‘s’ stands for ‘secure’ – goes at the start of every web address. It shows the user that the information sent over the connection is encrypted and safe from the prying eyes of hackers.

Most popular websites now have https functionality. Facebook and Twitter both have it, for example, and banks generally force customers to use the https version of the site for everybody’s safety. You should use https whenever possible.

But manually typing ‘https’ in front of every website you visit isn’t an ideal solution. Sometimes, your search will turn up empty. So why not install an extension that automatically redirects you to the most secure version of whichever website you’re trying to visit?  That’s what a new Internet Explorer plugin does, and it’s one of the best ways to protect the information you send and receive over your computer from being intercepted.

How does HTTPS Everywhere work?

HTTPS Everywhere forces your internet browser to always connect to HTTP Secure whenever possible. Any website that supports https will be picked up by the HTTPS Everywhere plugin. When the user tries to visit that site, they will automatically be redirected to the secure URL.

HTTPS Everywhere works for all major internet browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. While the Chrome and Firefox versions have existed for quite some time, the Internet Explorer version was released just days ago.

Today, users of any internet browser can access the protective security blanket of HTTPS Everywhere. If you’re ready to ensure all of the information you send and receive is transmitted with the maximum level of security, try out HTTPS Everywhere today.

Benefits of HTTPS Everywhere

-Protects your data when using public and private wireless networks

-Significantly reduces the chances of identity theft, phishing scams, virus infections, and other problems

-No more manually checking whether or not a site has an HTTPS version before you connect

-Set it and forget it system. Just install it once and your computer is significantly safer than ever before

-Works on all major internet browsers

To download HTTPS Everywhere today, click here.

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