Recent study suggests 52% of Americans have been unhappy with recent computer performance

Recent study suggests 52% of Americans have been unhappy with recent computer performance

Nobody likes working on a slow computer. Today, computers are a ubiquitous part of our lives. Whether you’re talking to friends on Facebook or trying to get work done in Microsoft Excel, it’s tough to go through life without a computer. However, going through life with a slow computer can be even more frustrating.

We already knew that, but a recent study by Crucial, a PC memory manufacturer, showed just how annoying computer problems can be. According to this study, 52% of American computer owners have been unhappy with their computer’s performance over the last six months. And, 94% of those people have reportedly experienced increased levels of stress due to these computer problems.

That’s a lot of stressed out adults! The most significant part of this information is that computer problems were more stressful than many other factors. In fact, 14% of Americans felt that computer problems were more stressful than managing health problems, and 18% agreed that slow computers were more stressful than filing taxes.

Whether it’s slow program performance, inexplicably slow internet connections, or blue screens of death, computer problems are becoming increasingly common and increasingly more annoying. There are few things more annoying than sitting down at your workstation for the day, only to be forced to sit through several gigabytes of downloaded software updates or a painstakingly long antivirus scan.

What can you do to fix a slow computer?

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