When it comes to laptops, you have all sorts of different options. Lenovo, HP, Dell, Alienware….which one is the best choice for you?

Reliability is an important quality for many laptop shoppers. So which laptop brand is the most reliable?

Instead of answering that question by spamming you with affiliate links towards my favorite laptop brand, I decided to turn towards the Reddit /r/Windows community for help.

With that in mind, here are the most reliable laptop PC brands right now as chosen by Reddit in this thread.

Dell XPS

“I think the most common suggestion is the newer Dell XPS models. Critically acclaimed, though the price shoots up if you add a touch screen.”

There were plenty of mentions for Dell XPS. The highest comment in the thread was the one listed right above. Dell XPS laptops are not quite as reasonably-priced as the next most popular option, Lenovo, but they still offer great price/performance ratios and they’re designed to accommodate a range of different tasks – including everything from gaming to video editing.
dell xps

Many Redditors echoed this opinion, although there were a few complaints about Dell’s customer service.

One customer said that Dell’s customer service agents were “Rude” and that it took them “days to reply to emails”. Eventually, that customer received a refund.

There were also complaints about Dell touchscreens.

I’ve always been curious about who needs a touchscreen on their laptop. Basically, if you can find a good Dell XPS laptop without a touchscreen, then you’re probably getting a good deal and a great price/performance ratio.

Some users also complained about Dell XPS keyboards, while others said they loved the keyboards.


Lenovo used to take the crown on questions like this and it wasn’t even close. Lenovo makes reasonably-priced laptops and fills them with solid tech specs and long-lasting performance.


But as one Reddit user cautioned, Lenovo has also been caught doing some shady stuff in recent years:

“Used to be a huge Lenovo fan also, but they’ve been doing some shady stuff lately. I’d avoid them…”

That “shady stuff”, for those who missed out, involved Lenovo installing rootkits on their lower end laptops. These rootkits forced the laptops to continue installing shovelware / bloatware – even after a fresh install of Windows.

Commercial-Grade PCs

Portrait of young confident business man with laptop

One popular comment on the thread recommended avoiding the consumer electronics market entirely and opting instead for commercial grade PCs:

“Best advise is stay away from consumer electronics. If you get a PC get a commercial grade PC. Most will have a 3 year warranty with next business day warranty and be 10-20% more expensive than a comparable consumer grade. Biggest difference is that business have better airflow and cooling, they have better parts, and are designed not to fail, whereas consumer electronics are designed to make you feel cool, be aesthetically pleasing and come in at the low end of the price point (but they are not designed to last).”

Companies purchase commercial-grade PCs because they get work done, they’re reliable, and they come with good warranty coverage in case something goes wrong.

If you are looking for a reliable PC, then commercial grade PCs offer the best blend of warranty coverage with reliable tech specs. The only downside is that they cost slightly more than consumer grade PCs and they don’t often go on sale.

“There Is Not 1 Single Best Brand Out There”

Perhaps one of the best pieces of advice given in the thread is that there isn’t one single best brand out there. Everyone’s personal experience with companies like Lenovo, HP, and Dell all vary widely.

That’s why reading laptop reviews online can be challenging. The same company that changed your life with a great discount laptop might have ruined someone’s bank account with a crappy, higher-priced laptop.

Other Popular Brands Mentioned

Dell’s XPS lineup and Lenovo’s everything attracted the most attention in the thread. However, a number of other smaller computer manufacturers also received some praise. Those manufacturers included:

-MSI: “My MSI GT60 Dominator Pro has kept me happy. My next laptop might be MSI again.”

-Dell Latitude: “I have a Latitude E7450. It has excellent keyboard, build quality and portability, but the trackpoint is far inferior to those on ThinkPads.”

-Apple’s MacBook Pro with Retina Display: “I have the original MacBook Pro w/ Retina display (15″, i7) and it runs Windows under Boot Camp like a champ.”

-ASUS ROG Series: “MSI and ASUS are putting out some real beasts of laptops as of late, especially the ASUS ROG Series.”

-Falcon Northwest and Cyberpower: Both of these laptop lineups garnered positive reviews for their reliability and performance, but they’re definitely on the higher end of consumer laptop pricing, so many users will be priced out.

What do you think? Did we miss any major reliable laptop brands? What’s your favorite laptop brand? Let us know in the comments section below!

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