If your computer always seems to be suffering from virus and malware problems, then that could be due to hundreds of different reasons. Sometimes, even the most secure computer users find viruses on their computer. However, in most cases, computer users who routinely get infected with viruses are doing something wrong.

What does ‘doing something wrong’ involve? One of the most overlooked aspects of PC security involves media players. That’s right: the same programs you use to listen to music and play movies could be putting your computer at risk.

So which media players are causing the most virus problems? Unpatched security holes in all of the following programs have been leaving computer users at risk for years:

-Adobe Flash Player

-Sun Java JRE

Macromedia Flash Player

-Apple QuickTime

-Mozilla Firefox

-Adobe Reader

All of the above programs are regularly attacked by hackers who are looking for a fast and easy way inside a target’s computer. Unfortunately, these hackers often succeed.

When a hacker finds a security hole in one of the above programs, the company that created the program patches it as quickly as possible. However, there is a big difference between releasing a patch for an application and safeguarding users. How many users are going to take the time to update all of these applications? Even if some of the applications feature automatic updates, they might not download these updates in time to defend their computers against hackers, viruses, and malware.

How to determine if your media players are up-to-date

There is one free and easy way to determine if your computer has unpatched vulnerabilities. A tool called Software Inspector will take a close look at all of the media players that are currently installed on your computer. Up-to-date programs will receive a green checkmark, signifying that they’re okay. And programs that have not yet been updated receive a red X.

In addition to scanning media players on your computer, Software Inspector will look at the Windows operating system to make sure it’s up to date.

If you’re worried about the media players on your computer leaving your system at risk, then try downloading Software Inspector today. You can even sign up for email notifications that will tell you whenever a new update is available.

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