At the Speed Up My PC Free blog, we love telling our users exactly how they can speed up their computer’s performance. If you’ve read other posts on our blog, then you know that we strongly recommend using a registry cleaner. While many PC users don’t even know that the Windows Registry exists (not to mention what it actually does), scanning it with a good registry cleaner program can speed up your PC in a number of different ways.

Here are a few ways in which a good registry cleaner will speed up any PC after performing a scan:

It makes your hard drive run faster

A good registry cleaner optimizes your hard drive’s performance by deleting unnecessary or corrupt data. When your hard drive scans your registry (which it does constantly while you’re using your computer), then it can become bogged down while scanning through these problematic entries.

When a registry cleaner scans your system, these entries will no longer be a problem. Your hard drive will smoothly find the data it needs without having to worry about navigating through difficult folders. This leads to faster computer performance and will reduce the strain on your hard drive, which significantly reduces the chances of hardware failure.

Registry cleaners make your computer safer

You probably know that viruses and malware are a leading cause of computer slowdowns and crashes. Unfortunately, even the best antivirus scanner can’t detect 100% of incoming malware threats, and sometimes, you need another program to join the fight against viruses. A registry cleaner removes corruption from your registry, and this corruption is often the early warning sign of a serious virus.

In many cases, antivirus scanners do not even look in your registry – or they only do so during a full scan, which can often take hours. A registry cleaner scan takes only a few minutes and is one of the most effective ways to remove malware threats from your system. The fewer malware threats there are on your computer, the faster it will run.

No more annoying error messages

Many PC error messages can be traced back to the registry. These error messages are not only annoying, but they can also slow down your computer’s performance. A registry cleaner removes the registry entries that are causing these problems to ensure that each program is able to get the data it needs whenever it starts up. If you’re sick of being greeted by annoying vague error messages when your computer boots up, or when you fire up your favorite programs, then a registry cleaner can help while speeding up your PC in the process.

And more!

Registry cleaners often come packed with extra goodies, or are bundled as part of a larger software package. When you scan your computer with PC Cleaner Pro 2012, for example, the registry cleaner will tell you exactly how much of a performance boost you can expect if you remove the threats today. For all of the reasons listed above, there has never been a better time to scan your computer with a registry cleaner.

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