Robotics student creates real, working Portal turret

As seen on Reddit, a student at Penn State has created something truly spectacular: a real, working Portal turret. Using basic robotics wiring and some Nerf dart guns, the student was able to create a sentry gun that tracks movement and fires at enemies.

Check out the video below:

It might not look like much yet, what with its black plastic frame and lack of a shell, but still, you’ve gotta give the kid credit for bringing an amazing piece of technology from a video game to life.

And, although the student has already submitted his project in to his robotics grad class for grading, he plans to continue tweaking it. Stay tuned to our Speed up My PC blog for further updates!

Unfortunately, the coolest technology in Portal, the Portal gun itself, is still a long ways off. If any student is somehow able to create that in the near future, they definitely deserve an A.



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