Samsung Achieves World’s Largest Ultra HD TV With 110 Inch Behemoth

Samsung Achieves World’s Largest Ultra HD TV With 110 Inch Behemoth

Samsung looks like it’s destined for big things in 2014. The company recently unveiled a device it claims to be the world’s largest TV.

How big is the TV? Samsung announced that their newest Ultra HD TV is 110 inches wide diagonally, making it slightly larger than a king sized bed.

It has over 5 times the space of a 50 inch TV and packs a resolution of 3840×2160. The TV is so big that it is not designed to fit on any cabinets, shelves, or stands. Instead, it comes with a stand included.

Samsung has reportedly designed the TV for major corporations and government agencies, which means that it’s probably nowhere near the budget of an average consumer.

The price tag on this behemoth is expected to be between $50,000 to $80,000. That’s based off the fact that the Samsung 85-inch TV (which is much smaller than 110 inches), retailed at $40,000 at launch.

Samsung unveiled the TV just days before CES 2014 was scheduled to kick off in Las Vegas, Nevada. Other companies – including LG – are expected to unveil 105 inch TV models, although nothing has reportedly come close to the 110 inch Samsung model.

I think I need a bigger living room. And a lottery jackpot.

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