The speed was so slow of my computer that I wanted to fix it and Speed Up My Computer immediately. The first thing I did was checked “How to Speed Up My PC” on the search engine. I came across with a thousand results for the search, to which I dint know which ones to go with. then I thought, I rather check up for solutions on a few websites thinking I might get something really worthwhile that could fix my Computer.

A lot of articles that I came across on How to Make My PC Run Faster spoke high about maintenance of the computer. It is quite true that most of us don’t go in for computer maintenance; we make the machine run for years without getting it cleaned up. this is the reason why the computers freeze while operating certain tasks. This has a direct impact on the speed of the computer. Plus, the files that we download maybe corrupted leading to errors.

The only thing I wanted was solutions to Make My PC Run Faster, and I managed to get the techniques. The following are the different ways that would help one in Speed Up PC.

To start off with, security of the computer is very important. If the virus, spyware are easily entering your computer, they are not just building a huge threat to the computer but also making slow. Hence, proper firewall settings are important. Antivirus does the trick, but what comes in via the web pages needs to be tackled by the firewall. Make sure you keep a check on the setting of firewalls often. If the settings are high then any file that you download, if it has virus then immediately the user is intimidated about the harm it can cause the computer. The firewall settings usually remain the way they have been initially set like, however when the computer in question is being used by more than one individual then chances of the settings being disturbed are high. just when I read about this, I immediately checked for my firewall settings for I wanted to Make My Computer Faster.

Fragmentation should be done at least once a month. This way the files are found easily and the space on the hard drive is not an issue. The procedure to do is as follows. One needs to go to the start menu, click on all programs, then go in to the accessories, choose system tools and then Disk Defragmenter. Once you do that, go in for the option that reads Defragment Disk.

To Make My PC Faster, I thought deleting the unwanted files would make the computer run faster. But by deleting, it does not mean that you simply right click and choose delete option. There is a specific procedure for that. It is called uninstalling the applications or programs. You need to go to the control panel and choose add or remove programs options. This will allow you uninstall a program the right way and leaving no traces behind.

With the passing time, the hardware is bound to get some dust accumulated on it. This eventually will cause the fans of the computer to move slowing as all the dust would be interfering. The computer wouldn’t get the necessary air to cool off and certainly with overheating the computer might face some damage. The dust can enter both the keyboard and the monitor as well making both to work at a relatively slow speed. However by using canned air to send it in the small parts of the computer can make things work just fine.

The above mentioned points are just to help you build up some knowledge about computer and its speed. I keep a check on all what is mentioned above and this way I know exactly How to Speed Up My Computer. Certainly after reading this article you would have also understood that sometimes what is evident may not be the real problem, for some hidden flaws might be causing the true damage. Maintenance should be done at least on monthly basis; keep the computer free from unwanted files and certainly you can see the difference in terms of speed.

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