If you’re one of the early adopters of Windows 8, then you may not know about the numerous ways to increase the speed of your new operating system. Today, we’re going to look at some of the best ways to speed up Windows 8.

Use the new screenshot tool

One of the best new features in Windows 8 is the inclusion of a useful screenshot tool. In previous versions of Windows, you would have to press the Print Screen button and then copy it to a third-party program like Microsoft Paint in order to save it as an image. In Windows 8, pressing the print screen button automatically saves the file as an image in your pictures folder. Why did it take so long for Microsoft to implement this?

Type anywhere

If you’re on the Windows 8 desktop and need to open an application, then just start typing. The operating system will automatically start searching for whatever it is you’ve typed in. You don’t even have to navigate over to the Start bar to search – just type away, and Windows 8 will intuitively recognize what you’re trying to do.

Don’t upgrade to Windows 8 – do a clean install

Since Windows 8 is currently in its beta testing phase, don’t directly upgrade your existing Windows installation to Windows 8 just yet. Instead, do a clean install on a separate hard drive partition. Put simply, you never want a beta version of any operating system to be the only operating system on your PC.

Use some of the new hotkeys

If you’ve been using basic Windows commands like Ctrl+C (copy), Ctrl+P (paste) and Ctrl+S (save) for years, then you’re probably ready for some new ways to increase your productivity. Windows 8 comes with several new shortcuts to help you do just that:

-Windows logo key + C opens up the ‘Charm Bar’ on the right side of your screen

-Windows logo key + M activates the ‘show desktop’ button, minimizing all applications

-Windows logo key + Q activates the global search tool

-Windows logo key + Tab activates the ‘Switch list’ on the left side of your screen

Fiddle with the PC settings panel

The control panel on Windows 8 is now easier than ever to configure. Instead of having one control panel for all computer settings, Microsoft has split it between UI-based settings and actual PC settings. This makes it easy to fiddle around with the appearance of your PC without worrying about changing crucial system settings. Change these settings around to make sure your PC is working best for your needs.

Use ‘Hot Corners’

The layout of Windows 8 can be confusing to someone using it for the first time. It is different than any other operating system that Microsoft has released since Windows 95, and even the most advanced PC users can take time to adjust. The basic premise of the layout is that you can use the four corners of your screen to easily navigate through ‘Metro’ – the name of the Windows 8 UI. The upper left and bottom left corners, for example, give users the ability to jump between any open programs

Protecting your PC from disaster

Fixing your Windows operating system has never been easier. While previous versions required you to insert your windows installation disk into the drive and reinstall your operating system when something goes wrong, Windows 8 can be repaired directly from your settings menu. You can reinstall your operating system with a single click, and there is even an option to delete all your programs and applications but keep your user files – awesome!

Find the ‘super administrator’ tools menu

While a lot of Windows 8 settings can easily be found in the control panels we mentioned above, there are more settings to be found if you know where to look. Move your mouse to the lower left corner of your screen and right click on the switch interface that pops up. A menu will pop up with links to the power options menu, network settings, command prompts, disk management, and other things.

Quickly uninstall programs

Windows 8 makes it very easy to uninstall unwanted programs. Simply find the application within the Metro interface, right click and choose ‘uninstall’. It’s that easy.

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