Speed up your computer with free Windows applications

Speed up your computer with free Windows applications

We all like free stuff. When that free stuff provides a boost to your computer’s speed, we like it even more. Today, we’re going to teach you about some of the best Windows programs that are already installed on your computer!

Yes, that’s right. All of the programs we’ve listed here today are native to Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 and can provide a significant boost to your computer’s performance. Here are our favorite examples:

Windows disk defragmenter

The Windows disk defragmenter has been around Windows computers for a long time. Whether you’re running XP, Vista, or Windows 7, you’ll automatically have access to a free disk defragmenter. By consolidating your important files in the center of the hard disk, the Windows disk defragmenter reverses the effects of aging on your hard drive and can reduce the time it takes for programs to load, among other benefits.

To find and use the disk defragmenter, head to your Start menu’s list of programs and find Accessories-> System tools-> Disk defragmenter. Simply choose the drive you want to defragment and away you go.

Windows disk cleanup

The disk cleanup tool is another useful feature that can significantly improve your PC’s performance. Found under the same folder as the disk defragmenter (Accessories-> System tools), the disk cleanup tool simply removes unnecessary files from your PC. These files could be temporary internet folders (which contain images and other stuff your computer has automatically downloaded but doesn’t really need).

Resource monitor

Many people know about the Resource monitor under the Windows Task Manager. However, Windows 7 includes a more comprehensive Resource Monitor under your System Tools menu. In addition to telling you how much RAM and processing power your PC is using, Resource Monitor displays network usage, disk write usage, and other important parts of your PC.

Whether you’re troubleshooting a virus or trying to optimize your PC’s performance, the Resource Monitor can show you how to make your PC go faster.

Other free Windows programs

The free programs included in all copies of Windows can only speed up your computer so much. If you want to truly unlock the performance potential within your computer, then you need a little extra oomph. That’s where PC Cleaner Pro 2012 comes in handy. By identifying hundreds – if not thousands – of trouble spots on your computer, PC Cleaner Pro provides comprehensive support for any PC problems. It speeds up your PC in hundreds of different ways, and it’s one of the best free Windows programs on the market today.



  • Free Up Disk and Memory Space
  • Speed up your System
  • Fix System Errors And Crashes
  • Improve Internet Access
  • Boost Start-up Speed