Speeding Up Your PC With Face Recognition Software

Speeding Up Your PC With Face Recognition Software

Ten years ago, face recognition software was a dream of the future. Now, it’s an easy way to speed up your PC and make it more secure. But what is face recognition software, and how can it improve the time you spend on your PC? Today, we’re going to give you a basic guide on how to speed up your computer using face recognition software.

What is face recognition software?

TV shows and movies use face recognition software to get access to the secret room in an underground laboratory, but in reality, face recognition technology isn’t as amazing as you may think. It scans your facial features using a webcam and compares that data with the facial features in a database. If the features match, then you’re given access to the system.

Most face recognition software can see through changing hairstyles and facial hair to see the true person beneath. These programs focus more on your facial structure as opposed to your makeup and hairstyle.

How can it speed up my PC?

One of the best ways to use facial recognition software is to login to Windows. Instead of typing in a password, you can simply look at your webcam to gain access to your account. This may only be a few seconds faster, but it is certainly a lot easier. And, if you’re logging in and out of your PC frequently, than those extra seconds you spend typing your password can add up.

There are a few different face authentication programs on the market. While you can pay for these programs, most of them are free and easy to install. We did a quick Google search to come up with a program called KeyLemon. For the price of free, it allows you to customize the Windows Vista or Windows 7 login screen with face recognition software.

You can pay an additional fee for more features, like the ability to login to your Facebook and Twitter accounts with just a smile. However, if you just want to speed up your computer’s login screen, then a program like KeyLemon will do the trick.

Of course, you may not even have to download a third-party face recognition program. Some laptops come included with face recognition software.

Speeding up your PC with face recognition software has never been easier. If you want to speed up your computer in hundreds of other ways, why not try out PC Cleaner Pro 2012 today? A free trial will show you which parts of your computer can be tweaked and improved, and getting the most performance out of your computer’s hardware has never been easier.



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