Speeding Up Your PC

Speeding Up Your PC

The following tips should bring your computer back up to speed in no time.

Cut down on the aesthetics. This means sacrificing your fancy screensavers, wallpaper and your cool fonts, and lowering your display resolution. Dolling up means slowing down when it comes to your computer – so opt for the simple yet elegant look.

Give your computer a well-balanced breakfast: reboot every morning, and when you do, restart only Windows – not the whole system. Limit the number of start-up programs, too, so your computer can wake up refreshed – not bogged down by unnecessary programs running in the background.

Become a germaphobe. Clean your computer on a daily basis. Delete temporary and old files, programs, and desktop icons. Download a free registry cleaner, and run a disk defragmenter regularly. These utilities will keep your computer’s stored information organized and to a minimum, making it easy for the PC to access information more quickly.

When “speed up my PC” is top priority, you may want to invest in more RAM – especially if your computer is older. Doubling or tripling your memory can be all that’s needed to speed things up.

Inoculate your computer, NOW! Anti-virus protection is not a myth, it’s a must. Consistently scan your PC for spyware and other malware and viruses, add a hardware firewall and install a firewall software.



  • Free Up Disk and Memory Space
  • Speed up your System
  • Fix System Errors And Crashes
  • Improve Internet Access
  • Boost Start-up Speed