The biggest news in the internet browser industry this week is that Google Chrome has toppled Internet Explorer as the most popular internet browser in the world.

Of course, users who like fast PCs have already been using Google Chrome for ages. After all, one of the easiest ways to speed up your internet is to use a streamlined browser like Chrome. While the difference may only be a few milliseconds, those access times will add up by the end of the day.

The latest statistics from a website called StatCounter show that Chrome has just surpassed IE as the world’s most popular internet browser. Hovering at around a 32.76% usage rate, Chrome narrowly beats out IE’s 31.94%. Check out the full graph HERE.

The most interesting thing about Chrome’s chart-topping status is the fact that, just a year ago, Chrome was neck-and-neck with Firefox in 3rd place. Chrome had 19% usage while Firefox had 20%. Meanwhile, Internet Explorer was dominating at 43%. Since that point,

Interestingly enough, Chrome is most dominant in Asia and South America. Meanwhile, Internet Explorer is still fairly dominant throughout North America and Europe.

If you’re interested, StatCounter has a bunch of other figures for your enjoyment. They’ve got statistics on search engine usage worldwide (Bing is catching up to Google), Digg vs. Reddit traffic (Reddit is winning by a long shot), and operating system usage (Windows 7 tops the charts at just under 50%, with Windows XP a distant second at 30%).

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