At the Speed Up My PC Free blog, we talk a lot about the benefits of using an SSD. What is an SSD, you might ask? It’s basically a hard drive with no moving parts. Ever since they hit the market about three to four years ago, SSDs have been a mainstay in the rigs of PC gaming enthusiasts around the world, and once you use an SSD in your computer, it’s tough to go back to a traditional hard drive.

Since SSDs feature no moving parts, they also don’t break down as easily. With shorter access times and no scanning needle, SSDs also don’t need to be regularly defragmented.

There is one problem with SSDs: they are way more expensive than traditional hard drives. As of now, even a measly 64GB SSD costs around $100 or so.

Fortunately, for people who want to speed up their PC on a budget, MaximumPC is reporting that we may soon be in for an SSD price war. This is great news for consumers. With multiple SSD companies duking it out on the open market, prices are sure to drop to record lows.

Intel, OCZ, Kingston, and Crucial are the major SSD manufacturers, and they may even team up to eliminate some of the smaller market SSD manufacturers from the industry. This isn’t necessarily malicious: instead, the major SSD makers claim that inferior SSDs made by smaller companies are tainting the reputation of SSDs and preventing their adoption among average PC users.

Whether you’ve already got an SSD in your computer or you want to speed up your PC for the first time, it’s always good news with companies enter into a price war. Look for SSD prices to start dropping very soon. Once that happens, you can install your operating system and other common programs – like PC games – onto your SSD to unlock massive performance boosts.

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