It’s the middle of July. For most regions of the northern hemisphere, that means high temperatures, heat waves, and air conditioning.

Unfortunately, it also means overheating computers. If you want to speed up your PC this summer, then one of the first things you should do is cool it down. A hot PC can lead to all sorts of performance problems, and in some cases, it can even lead to long term damage in your system. Parts of your motherboard could melt, for example, turning your expensive piece of hardware into a useless brick.

To prevent performance issues and breakdowns from happening to you, consider implementing the following measures. These tips will not only help cool down your PC, but they’ll also speed it up. Whether you’re a PC gamer or just want a faster computer, these tips can help.

More fans

Both laptop and desktop users can benefit from adding more fans to their computers. Laptop users can buy special ‘cooling pads’ that feature an array of fans blowing cool air onto the bottom of your laptop. Meanwhile, desktop users can easily screw an extra case fan or two onto their tower. The more cool air hits your computer’s components, the less chance you have of overheating your PC.

Eliminate unnecessary programs

The more programs you run, the more heat your PC will generate. To cool down your PC, simply disable all unnecessary programs. Open up the Windows Task Manager (press Ctrl+Alt+Delete) and disable any programs that you don’t need. This will help make your system faster while cooling it down.

Put your PC in your basement or any other cool place

If you’re consistently having trouble keeping your PC cool, move to the coolest room in your house. Whether that’s your basement or the spot directly beneath your air conditioner, changing the environment is often the best solution to your overheating PC problems.

Desperate? Open up your case and let a room fan blow on it

This method may seem unconventional, but it’s extremely effective. If you’re having trouble keeping your PC cool, grab a traditional fan, open up the case of your PC, and let it blow directly on your components. This will allow more dust into your case, but it’s still an effective way to keep cool.

Liquid cooling

Want supreme-quality PC cooling protection? Are you willing to pay several hundred dollars to get it? Liquid cooling can be a fun, stylish, and effective way to cool down your computer’s components. With cool liquid hitting the heatsink of each hardware component, your parts are far less likely to overheat. Unfortunately, due to the price of liquid cooling technology and the expertise required to install that technology, liquid cooling is best reserved for PC aficionados.

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