You know how some crazy people don’t like to use electronic devices because they’re scared the signals are interfering with our brainwaves?

These people might not be as crazy as we all thought. A group of Swedish teenagers recently discovered that plants don’t grow near Wi-Fi routers.

That’s right: the same Wi-Fi router you’re probably using to read this page may be killing your brain – or at least your houseplants.

Here’s how this experiment worked:

-The teens were asked to create a science project. They came up with the idea of studying the effects of wireless radiation after realizing that sleeping near their cell phones at night caused concentration problems in school the next day

The school “didn’t have the resources” to make the cell phone radiation test happen, so they decided to try something similar: Wi-Fi radiation

-Wi-Fi router radiation is comparable to the radiation levels put out by the average cell phone

-The students placed six trays of lepidium sativum seeds in a room with two Wi-Fi routers. They placed identical trays in a separate room without Wi-Fi routers.

-After 12 days, the students noticed that the seeds in the room without routers had achieved healthy, normal growth while the seeds in the rooms with routers had failed to blossom at all – in fact, the seeds were basically dead.

-After the results of the test were released (the teens, by the way, won top honors in their regional science fair), a professor at Karolinska Institute promised to repeat the test in a controlled scientific environment

Of course, there’s no need to go crazy and throw your router out the window. The experiment wasn’t performed in a controlled scientific environment, and there may be other reasons for the plants not growing in a room full of routers, like:

-Air flow


-Air quality

swedish science test router wifi

Nevertheless, initial write-ups of the report called the results “undeniable”. That’s a scary word given the context.

But the initial reports sound pretty scary to me.

Uhh, why hasn’t anyone studied this before? I’m going to go ahead and move my router across the room now.

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