Storage space doubles in size every two years according to Moore’s law. Moore made the prediction that the number of transistors on an integrated circuit would double every two years way back in 1965. And the amazing thing is that Moore has been right. Every two years, since 1965, the number of transistors has approximately doubled.

That means the technology we used ten years ago looks nothing like the technology we use today. A 100GB hard drive would have been viewed as witchcraft in 1995. Today, you can buy a 2000GB hard drive for under $100.

And one tech website illustrated how far technology has come in the most entertaining possible way. Tech website EEVblog tore apart a $250,000 IBM hard drive that was first sold back in 1989. The vintage model includes 1.89GB to 3.78GB of storage space and weighs an astonishing 85 pounds.

The hard drives were mostly used by banks back in the 1980s. After all, only the biggest organizations and companies could afford to drop a quarter million dollars on a piece of electronics.

During the EEVBlog hard drive teardown, you can watch along as a friendly Australian guy breaks apart a hard drive that is so large it could be confused with a car’s engine block.

Whether you want to recapture some nostalgia from the 1980s or you just want to see how far technology has come, you can watch the entire video teardown here:



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