Kaspersky is one of the best-known names in the antivirus software community. And when Kaspersky performs studies on various aspects of computer security, people tend to listen.

Such was the case when Kaspersky recently released a list of the 10 worst companies in terms of viruses and malware. Kaspersky looked at some of the worst offenders when it came to spreading malware and viruses among computer users.

In other words, these companies design software that makes it easier for hackers to gain access to computers around the world. That doesn’t mean these companies don’t care about user security, it just means that they are doing a poor job of defending their systems against hackers.

The most surprising part about this list is the fact that Microsoft – the world’s largest software company – didn’t make the list, but Apple did. The list is made up of the software applications designed by the companies as opposed to the actual companies:

The list basically states that four different companies are responsible for the majority of virus and malware infections on computers around the world. Those companies include Oracle, the creator of Java, as well as Adobe, Apple, and Winamp.

Apple’s QuickTime and iTunes vulnerabilities were particularly noted in the report, as were usual suspects like Flash and Shockwave.

The full report by Kaspersky covers a lot more than just the offending companies. It also describes the countries where malware infections are most likely. Here is that list, for those who are curious:


In any case, you can read the entire Kaspersky report here. If you’re interested in computer security, then it’s worth a read.

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