When it comes to cloud storage, there are dozens – nay, hundreds – of different providers available online. Each cloud storage provider seems to offer more storage space at lower prices. This is good news for consumers.

To make your cloud storage decision as easy as possible, we’ve whittled down the list of the top cloud storage providers to a group of just five leading candidates. These services are chosen based on their free storage space provided as well as their reliability, uptime, and affordable pricing packages.

5) SugarSync

Although not as well-known as the other picks listed here, SugarSync still holds its own as a good cloud storage provider. With SugarSync, users can highlight the folders on their computer that they want to sync, which is certainly easier than throwing all of your files into brand new folders – which is what other cloud storage providers force you to do.

SugarSync isn’t quite as user-friendly as something like Dropbox or Google Drive. Its interface can take a bit of time to get used to. But once you get used to it, it’s easy to integrate it into every corner of your electronic life.

4) Apple iCloud

iCloud is popular among – you guessed it – the Apple crowd. Since the vast majority of Apple devices have access to the iCloud, it’s easy for users to sign up for the service and begin synching files across devices.

iCloud is particularly useful if you have multiple Apple devices in your household. That way, all of the TV shows, movies, music, apps, and games will be shared across all devices. This prevents a lot of hassle, and it also saves you money because you don’t have to purchase multiple apps for different devices.

iCloud is available to Windows users. Both Mac and Windows users have access to 5GB of free online storage space.

3) Microsoft SkyDrive

The world’s largest software company wasn’t going to be left out of the cloud storage space scene for long. Like Google Drive, SkyDrive allows users to easily edit any files they need. However, unlike Google Drive – which uses the awkward web app versions of Office software – SkyDrive uses good ol’ Microsoft Office.

Overall, SkyDrive is an excellent cloud storage solution that is perfect for sharing files with larger groups of people or among teams of employees. And since it comes with a free 7GB of online storage space, it’s one of the best bargains on this list.

-7GB of free online storage space

2) Google Drive

Google is top dog when it comes to just about every internet-related activity. With drag and drop capabilities and built-in office app support, there’s lots to like about Google Drive and not much to hate. You can view and edit files as you work and the web app system generally works well – especially when you’re working on a project with multiple participants, in which case you can see the cursors of everyone involved as well as the contributions they have made to the project.

Google Drive is also noteworthy for its search capabilities. You can set Drive to automatically scan through any images on your Drive account to look for text. If it finds text, this text gets indexed, making it easier to find whatever you need in the near future.

-5GB of free storage space

1) Dropbox

I may have a soft spot in my heart for Dropbox, since it’s the first cloud storage system that I really got into. I like the fact that it has mobile apps and can easily sync across all different types of devices. But what I like even more is the fact that there is always an offline folder with your files – which is a lifesaver for times when you’re unable to connect to the internet.

I should also point out that I somehow have 51.25GB of storage space on Dropbox – and I have never given them a dime in subscription plans. I don’t know if that’s normal or if I’m just lucky, but hey, it’s more cloud storage space than I could ever use.

-Officially, Dropbox gives users 2GB of free storage space although this limit can be expanded by performing a number of different ‘challenges’ for free – like opening a Dropbox account on a mobile device or telling a friend about Dropbox.

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