Did you just reinstall Windows? Using a clean new computer can be a cool feeling. There’s so much potential.

To achieve that potential, you’re going to need to install the best apps and software. With that in mind, here are our favorite free apps and software to install on a fresh new version of Windows:


You still only have three major browsers from which to choose, including Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. Chrome and Firefox are the two most popular alternative browsers, although Microsoft Edge is increasingly becoming a popular (and surprisingly fast) option.

Media Players

VLC is a must-have media player for Windows. Sure, the legality of the software may be a grey area (it uses video and audio codecs that require paid licensing in some countries, but avoids this problem by developing the software in France). However, you didn’t want to pay $60 to watch a DVD on your computer anyway.

While you’re at it, install music playback apps like Spotify or Google Play Music.


Steam is a must-have free program for any Windows gamer. Even if you don’t have a Steam account, it’s worth a download. There are plenty of free apps and cheap software sales available through Steam. You can save money and use your computer to its full potential. What’s not to like?

ea origin

Origin is EA’s alternative to Steam. It’s the only place to download EA games onto your computer. EA, like Steam, hosts regular sales throughout the year and also has subscription-based services that give you access to dozens of games for a single subscription fee (kind of like Netflix). It’s worth a download if you’re into games like Battlefield, Tom Clancy’s The Division, Star Wars Battlefront, The Sims, or FIFA.

Office Software

Install Microsoft Office if you’re using your computer for productivity tasks.

Or, if you want to save money and avoid an Office 365 subscription, install software like LibreOffice or OpenOffice, both of which are completely free.

Meanwhile, basic office software like Notepad++ offers extensive functionality compared to the original Notepad, and it’s completely free.

PC Cleaner Pro

PC Cleaner Pro is a great program to install on a fresh version of Windows. It often finds optimization errors and registry problems that are native to Windows. I recommend installing PC Cleaner Pro after you’ve installed all of the above apps. Otherwise, it won’t encounter many problems.

Other Apps

Other apps that don’t fall into the categories listed above include:

-F.lux: Dims your screen when it gets dark outside, saving your eyesight and helping you fall asleep more easily at night.

-Photoshop: A priceless resource for anyone who works with images.

-Alt-Drag: Lets you easily move and resize windows (similar to GNOME in Linux) without having to narrow targets.

-ShareX: Makes it easy to share screenshots over the internet or screencast your on-screen activity. If you collaborate with other people, or need to show people how to do something, then ShareX is invaluable.

share x

Do you have any other must-have Windows apps to add to the list? Let us know in the comments section below and we could add yours!

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