Do you remember how fast your computer was when you first got it? Well, just because your computer is no longer top-of-the-line doesn’t mean that you can’t make it feel that way again.

Speeding up your computer is surprisingly easy to do. Here are some easy and free ways to speed up your slow PC.

Clean out unnecessary files

If you frequently use the internet, you may have accumulated thousands of megabytes of useless files over the years. These files significantly slow down your computer, and can even make your computer susceptible to viruses. To clear out all these old files, set your browser to frequently clear your cookies and cache. Not only will this make your browser run faster, but it will also free up space on your hard drive for more pictures, movies, music, and games.

Dust out the case

Regardless of whether you have a laptop or a desktop PC, cleaning out your case is an effective way to speed up your computer. Over the years, dust accumulates around fans, cords, and components, which can reduce the cooling effectiveness of your PC and suck the life out of your hardware. Case cleaning should be done once every three to six months in order to maximize effectiveness.

Update your hardware and software

Nothing is perfect on the day of release. For that reason, software and hardware manufacturers frequently release updated drivers and patches for their devices. The most important drivers to download are for your motherboard and video card. These drivers help your hardware keep up-to-date with the latest technology, which will greatly speed up your computer’s speed and performance.

It is equally as important to keep up with the latest software upgrades. Microsoft frequently releases updates for its Windows operating systems. This will also keep your PC safe from security threats, like viruses, which would slow down your computer. Depending on your hardware or software manufacturer, some updates may even improve your computer’s speed while running a specific game or program that has recently been released.

Defragment Your Hard Drive

Another easy way to speed up your PC is to regularly defragment your hard drive. Basically, your hard drive naturally scatters files on various parts of its disc. As you add more stuff to your hard drive, your computer takes longer to access these files. By defragging your hard drive regularly, you can ensure that these files are always in the optimal location. Windows comes with a free defragmenting tool. However, if you’re willing to pay money, you can often find better defrag tools online.

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