Laptops come in a wide range of screen sizes and resolutions. To help make your laptop purchasing decision as easy as possible, here’s a list of the common laptop screen resolutions and their advantages:

What is laptop screen resolution?

Laptop screen resolution is the number of pixels on your screen at any moment. It’s different than laptop screen size, which is the diagonal size of your screen from one corner to another. Laptop screen resolution can be adjusted, while screen size cannot.

Each laptop has a maximum screen resolution. Laptops are almost always set to their maximum resolution by default. So, the resolution you’re at now is as good as it gets, although you can lower your resolution if you ever wanted to.

Popular laptop resolutions

Today, laptops generally come in two different resolutions:

1366×768: This is the most popular resolution for mid-range laptops. At this resolution, laptop screens look clear and readable. There is lots of space for a single window, and websites often look their best in resolutions like this. Today, most MacBooks and laptop PCs feature a resolution of 1366×768

1920×1080: This is called full HD resolution, and it’s generally only found in the higher-end laptop brands. Laptops with 1920×1080 resolution have lots of screen space, and it’s easy to fit two program windows side by side on screens this big. This is an ideal laptop resolution for users who like to have multiple windows open at the same time, or for anybody who likes to watch HD movies on their computer.

Other laptop resolutions

These two laptop resolutions are popular, but they’re not the only options available to consumers. Many netbooks feature resolutions of 1280×768, for example, which is noticeably smaller than the resolutions we’ve listed above but large enough to read any websites, documents, or programs.

In the future, Intel plans to outfit its popular line of Ultrabooks with “beyond full HD” resolution. That means premium laptops could soon be sporting screens with more space than 1920×1080.

Check your laptop screen resolution

If you’re interested in discovering the resolution of your laptop screen, then there are several options. To quickly and easily find your screen resolution, go to, which will instantly tell you the information you need.

Check your laptop screen size

If you’re interested in finding out the screen size of your laptop, then there isn’t really a way to do that with software. Instead, grab a measuring tape and check the size of your laptop from one corner to another. Screen size is always measured as the diagonal length across your screen.

Ultimately, the screen resolution of your laptop doesn’t have an impact on how fast your computer is. Whether you just purchased a new laptop or you want to speed up an older one, PC Cleaner Pro can help you maximize the performance of your computer. Download your free trial today to experience the software used by PC professionals around the world!

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