Do you own a laptop? If so, you might not be getting as much performance out of your computer as possible. There is one simple setting included on many laptops that will instantly speed up your system. And fortunately, it’s free and very easy to do.

Here’s the tip: look at you laptop’s power indicator at the bottom right corner of your screen. Every laptop will display a power icon in the system tray that shows how much power is remaining on your laptop’s battery. If your laptop is fully charged, then this rating will say 100%, and warnings might begin to occur as you get closer to 10%.

Try right clicking on this icon. You should be able to select a power plan. By default, your laptop should be on the ‘High performance’ power plan. If it’s not, select the radial button beside ‘High performance’ to instantly speed up your PC.

In some cases, high performance mode might not be enough to squeeze extra performance out of your PC. To see what else your PC is capable of, try clicking the ‘More power options’ button. From this menu, you’ll be able to see a list of all of the settings that control the power of your laptop. You can choose when the screen turns off, for example, as well as which action should be performed after closing the case of your laptop.

Try changing these settings around to optimize your laptop’s power settings for your lifestyle. If you frequently open and close your laptop throughout the day, then you should make sure that it’s going to sleep whenever you close your case. This will save battery life while taking only seconds to start up. On the other hand, if you open your laptop once per day and then close it, then you might want to set your laptop to turn off every time you close your case.

Ultimately, the power settings are a hidden gem within any Windows laptop that will allow you to squeeze more performance out of your system. If your laptop isn’t already in high performance mode, or if your settings haven’t been optimized for your lifestyle, then the power settings menu is a great place to start speeding up your PC.

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