If you’re not a PC expert, then you may not know all the secret ways to make your PC go faster. Today, we’re going to teach you one secret way to improve the performance of your computer and (hopefully) make it run as fast as it did on the day you bought it.

So what’s the big secret? Well, your computer has something called a registry that contains vital information about each and every program installed on your computer. Essentially, the registry keeps track of everything you have ever done on your computer. Even if you don’t use your computer frequently, the registry can quickly become filled with information. And here’s the real problem: you will never need to use half of that information again.

For that reason, a lot of the information in your registry can be deleted without any negative effects on the rest of your PC. Meanwhile, other registry information that is vital to your computer may become corrupted or broken as your system ages.  This leads to slowdowns, crashes, and freezes, and could even open up holes in your system’s security.

So how does a registry cleaner solve all of these serious problems? It scans your registry (which usually consists of hundreds of thousands of files) and identifies hundreds of different errors. Once detected, the registry cleaner will either remove or repair these errors – depending on how important that registry entry is to your system.

After a registry cleaner scan, your computer will be performing much more smoothly than before. You may not encounter strange errors and bugs, and your overall performance will be noticeably better.

Whether you have a laptop or a desktop PC, cleaning out your registry can provide a significant boost to your computer’s performance. It’s a simple but effective trick, and it’s something that is often overlooked – even by people who know a lot about computers.

To download a free registry cleaner trial, click on the green button below. PC Cleaner Pro 2012 not only cleans your registry, but it also improves your PC’s performance in hundreds of other ways. It’s an all-around PC optimization tool, and for all of these reasons, it’s virtually impossible to find a program that does a better job of making your computer faster.

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