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So here’s an article for all our PC gamer friends. Check out the top 5 most anticipated PC games that will be coming out over the next year (oh, and for our console friends, many of these titles will also be available on consoles):

5) Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock held a special place in the hearts of PC gamers when it was released back in 2007. The underwater utopia of Rapture created by Ken Levine and the team at Irrational/2K was incredibly fleshed out. And there were enough metaphorical undertones to keep even a philosophy major entertained.

Bioshock 2 continued in the footsteps of the first Bioshock and also took place in the city of Rapture. But the city of Rapture’s story has been told, and time has come for a new utopia. That new utopia will be discovered in Bioshock Infinite, the next major game in the Bioshock series.

Infinite isn’t a sequel or a prequel. Instead, it’s about a utopian airship in 1912 that is slowly falling from the sky. Players assume the role of a new character and the good old supernatural powers that have made Bioshock famous will return.

Look for Bioshock Infinite on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 on March 26, 2013.

4) Watch Dogs

Take a look at the other games on this list and notice how many of them are sequels. We could have included plenty more games on this list that were also sequels, but it’s nice to reward the games that try to branch out and do something different.

Watch Dogs is one such game. Ever since its debut at E3 2012, the gaming community has been raving about this crazy open-world hacking game. Think of it as GTA, except your most dangerous weapon isn’t an RPG – it’s a smartphone. That smartphone can hack into the city around you, including the infrastructure, other people, doors, and all sorts of other cool stuff.

Watch Dogs might disappoint. But we think it will do just fine when it is released on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 “sometime in 2013”

3) SimCity 2013

SimCity has been an important part of the PC world for – well, just about ever. The first SimCity game was released in 1989. But the most recent SimCity game was released in 2004. That’s a long time to wait between sequels. And although you might not describe yourself as “a hardcore SimCity fan”, I’m sure quite a few fans will want to check out the latest installment in one of the world’s most popular video game series.

SimCity 2013 is designed to be a “reboot” of the classic city-building game we all know and love. Just think of how far we’ve come in terms of graphics and processing power since 1989, or even 2004. Now think of how that would translate to a city building game. If you’re looking for a sandbox city builder that you can destroy with UFOs, SimCity 2013 will be it. Check it out on March 5, 2013 on PCs and Macs.

2) Grand Theft Auto V

There are few video games that are as entertaining as Grand Theft Auto. Whether you want to cruise city streets or take on exciting missions, the Grand Theft Auto series never fails to entertain. It’s become a cultural phenomenon, with voice actors like Samuel L. Jackson, Jenna Jameson, and Fred Armisen all playing characters at various points in the series.

And Grand Theft Auto V could be the best addition to the series. It will certainly be the nicest looking. In GTA V, players return to the region of San Andreas. They play as three different characters across a wide collection of open world playgrounds. We haven’t seen much gameplay footage of GTA V yet, and Rockstar is teasing the gaming world with a series of sexy screenshots. That’s just getting us more excited, Rockstar.

Look for GTA V to appear on store shelves in mid to late spring 2013 for PS3 and Xbox 360 (and hopefully a PC version soon after).

1) The Elder Scrolls Online

The world has been waiting for a legitimate challenger to World of Warcraft ever since the day World or Warcraft was first released. Many people thought Star Wars Galaxies would be that challenger. But it wasn’t. And now people are saying the same thing about The Elder Scrolls Online.

Will ESO challenge World of Warcraft for MMO supremacy? The continent of Tamriel is certainly well developed and has garnered millions of fans across five different games. But pleasing those fans and catering to an MMO audience could be difficult, and ESO will have to walk a fine line if it wants to be successful.

Still, if exploring the entire continent of Tamriel and banding together with teammates doesn’t get you excited, then you’ve probably never played Morrowind, Oblivion, or Skyrim before. So far, the Elder Scrolls Online has a release date of ‘2013’

Runners up:


-Company of Heroes 2

-Total War: Rome II

-Dota 2

-Dead Space 3

-Crysis 3

-StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm or Legacy of the Void

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