For the past few months, rumors about a remastered Modern Warfare have heated up. This past week, those rumors reached red-hot status, as the official Call of Duty Twitter account all but confirmed that a remaster was in the works.

Remember how several years ago Call of Duty teased a new game by adding Snapchat codes to Black Ops 2? The marketing department of Call of Duty is clearly up-to-date on the latest social media marketing strategies. Which is why today’s development was so significant.

All that happened today was that the official Call of Duty account replied to a tweet. That reply didn’t even contain any words. It just contained two small symbols.

Here’s how the Call of Duty Twitter account replied to the tweet (that tweet was nearly 1.5 years old, by the way):

call of duty remaster

Most people are taking that emoji-packed tweet as confirmation that a remastered version is about to be released. I mean, why else would a game developer take the time to reply to a 1.5 year old tweet?

The New Call of Duty Game Will Be Called Infinite Warfare

Around the same time as the tweet came out, a pre-order card for the new Infinity Ward game was leaked onto Reddit.

That Reddit user has since deleted their account, but we still have the image that was leaked:

infinite warfare

As you can see, that title shows that there will be a Legacy Edition of Call of Duty along with a November 4 release date. The “Legacy Edition” mentioned there is purportedly Modern Warfare remastered.

Infinite Warfare, by the way, is expected to be its own unique Call of Duty game. Most rumors have pointed towards a sci-fi setting – possibly further into the future than Advanced Warfare.

So you’ll be able to play a whole new campaign and new multiplayer while also being able to step back in time and enjoy newer graphics from the original Modern Warfare. That sounds like an awesome deal to me.

The Game Could Be Revealed Next Week

You might not have to wait long to hear news about everyone’s favorite popcorn shooter franchise: rumors suggest that the next Call of Duty game will be revealed next week (early May).

Based on how much information has already come out this week, it’s natural to assume official release date information is coming in the near future.

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