Many easy, free solutions are available for speeding up your PC. 90% of computer sluggishness is a result of the following conditions: an excessive number of programs, a defragmented hard drive, or malware and other viruses. Sustaining a simple regimen of computer maintenance should address these causes, keeping your computer running at maximum speed.

Scan your machine for spyware and viruses. Think of spyware as the virtual cockroach scurrying in the crevices of cyberspace, feeding on your every move and infesting your computer. Whip out your pest repellent – your anti-virus protection – and scan your computer at least once a week for infection.

Routinely free up your hard drive so your computer can more speedily access information. Delete all those pictures of your ex, uninstall the games you don’t have time to play anyway, run a disk fragmenter (a file-arranging utility that is probably built into your computer), and clean your Windows registry (download free registry cleaners online). Also, take a look at how many programs your computer starts when you boot up – chances are there a couple running in the background that you don’t even know about.

Rebooting your computer is like giving it a protein shake – so reboot often. Also, When speeding up your PC is priority, opt out of frilly desktop graphics and delete extraneous fonts – they might look pretty, but suck a great energy from your computer.

These routines should help you speed up your computer in no time. If not, you may need to call in the geek squad, add more RAM, or invest in a new PC.

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