Cheaters suck. They ruin online games.

Unfortunately, I’ve never played an online game where cheaters didn’t exist. They’re a problem for any competitive game – or any competitive anything in the world, really.

That’s why I like the new approach Titanfall’s developers are taking to punish cheaters. Instead of simply banning cheaters or kicking them off of servers, Titanfall’s developers Respawn Entertainment have done something more creative.

All Titanfall cheaters are sent to a mythical land called cheater island – at least that’s what I’m calling it.

“Cheater island” is described as “The Wimbledon of aimbot contests” in its official anti-cheat document. All aimbotters, hackers, and cheaters are sent to this land of punishment after being caught cheating.

This is good for a few reasons: it separates cheaters from the public. But it also does so without taking away the game that those cheaters paid good money to play. Steam, for example, cracks down harshly on cheaters and revokes access to their Steam account and all associated games. In extreme cases, Steam may ban an entire IP address.

The matches on cheater island will be a bloodbath of frustration. I’ve never personally witnessed two aimbots going up against one another, but I imagine the experience is something like watching online competitive FPS gameplay in light-speed.

It’s going to be a bunch of people jumping around headshotting everything as soon as it pops onto the screen. I wish I could watch the action unfold or view a live stream of cheater island. What do two aimbotting mechs look like when they’re attacking one another?

How do you get unbanned?

To get unbanned, you have to email and explain your case. If you have been banned unfairly, then your ban will be lifted. If you’ve really been hacking, then your claim will be denied.

If you’ve been caught cheating, then your Titanfall menu will look like this when you sign in:

titanfall cheating

Respawn Entertainment does have a good tip for cheaters on their way to cheater island:

“Hopefully the aimbot cheat you paid for really is the best, or these all-cheater matches could be frustrating for you. Good luck.”

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