You might log into Facebook every day. But do you actually know how to use Facebook? Like really use it?

Probably not. The world’s biggest social network is packed with features, tips, and tricks that most users never heard about – until now. Today, we’re giving you a behind-the-scenes look at how Facebook works.

These tips will help you maximize the power of Facebook in a way that only Facebook power users know how. Without further ado, here are the best Facebook tips and tricks we’ve been able to discover so far:

10) Check your “Other” Inbox

There are two inboxes on Facebook: there’s your regular inbox and your “other” inbox. You get regular notifications for messages from your friends and people you might know. However, Facebook puts all other messages into an “Other” folder. A quick glance through here is interesting to say the least: from stalker-ish messages to people trying to sell you stuff you don’t need.

9) See Where You’ve Logged In

Want to see if someone else is accessing your account without your knowledge? You can see recent login activity from your settings page  (click the down arrow in the top right corner of the Facebook menu, then click Settings). Then, click Security and Where You’re Logged In. You can view your current Facebook session and recent Facebook sessions across all devices. For most people, it’s just a neat reminder of the places you’ve traveled over the past few months – but it can also help reveal suspicious account activity.

8) Flip Facebook Upside Down

The only reason you would do this tip is if you were playing a prank on your friends. You can change your Facebook language to two different “prank” languages: Pirate and Upsidedown speak. Most of us have already seen pirate speak in action, but English (Upside Down) is less well known. Change your language by going to Settings > General > Language. English (Upside Down) is right near Pirate and UK/US English.

7) Create an Interest List

Creating an interest list sounds like something a new age Kindergarten teacher might ask her kids to do on the first day of class. On Facebook, creating an interest list is an easy way to keep up with – you guessed it – things you’re interested in. You can customize your interest list by clicking on the Interests heading on the left hand side of your page. You can keep your interests private or let everyone know what you’re interested in.

6) View your Relationship’s Facebook Page

Did you know your relationship has a Facebook page? It’s true! Go to to see a page filled with its own profile picture, list of mutual friends, current location, photos you’re both tagged in, and more. Creepy and cute at the same time! Oh, and if you’re single, you just go straight to your profile’s “About” page – don’t ask me how I know this.

5) Transfer Files Over Facebook Chat

Facebook lets you send files up to 25MB in size to any of your friends. Just click the little gear icon in the top right corner of your Facebook chat window with someone, then click Add Files…. Your messaging partner will receive a link. They click on that link, then download the file.

4) Prevent Facebook from Spying On Your Mobile Device’s Location

If you use Facebook on your mobile device, then Facebook is probably tracking everywhere you go. This lets it deliver “better” ads to your device, which makes Facebook more money. If this makes you creepy, then I’ve got some bad news: Facebook doesn’t let you disable location tracking. It wants to know where you go. Thanks to a third-party service from the Digital Advertising Alliance, however, you can opt out of Facebook tracking. This is the only known way to avoid Facebook location tracking – aside form deleting your account of course.

3) Clean Up Your News Feed

Are you getting sick and tired of the same old Facebook pages appearing on your news feed? You should clean it up. A clean home (page) is a clean mind, isn’t that what they say? To clean up your news feed, hover your mouse over the News Feed button in the left corner of your screen, then click the Gear icon which pops up. Click edit preferences to see a list of your most-seen Facebook pages, then click the Follow button to unfollow them. You can also remove offenders directly by clicking the little down arrow in the top right corner of each post they upload.

2) Save Posts for Later

Using the same menu we went to in Tip 3, you can save links for later. Click the down arrow to the top left of a post, then click Save this link. This will – you guessed it – save the link for later. Want to read the new GTA V PC review but don’t want to get in trouble at work? Save it for later.

1) See Your Friends’ Friendships

Up above, I told you about how you can view your current relationship’s Facebook page by going to This tip works in a similar way, but you get to see your friends’ friendships with one another. You can do that whenever you see a post that a friend posted on another friend’s wall. Just click the little down arrow in the top right corner of the post, then click More Options and then See Friendship.

You can actually get to the last tip one other way: type the URL into your Facebook page in the following format:[firstname][lastname]?and=[firstname][lastname]

You can actually do this with any two people – although you’ll only see posts that they have publically made available. You’ll also need to add numbers according to the Facebook URL of each person if there are multiple people with that name.

Do you have any more Facebook tips and tricks to share? Let us know in the comments section and we’ll add any good ones to the list!

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