Windows 10 is just around the corner and Microsoft wants to listen to user feedback this time. No, seriously!

That’s why people are eager to submit their most-wanted Windows 10 features. We’ve combed the internet and found the top 10 most-requested features that the average Windows user wants to see in Windows 10:

1) Drag and drop apps between virtual desktops

Virtual desktops are one of the most profound additions to Windows 10. Unfortunately, dragging and dropping programs between virtual desktops is currently impossible in the Developer’s Preview version of the new OS. Most Windows users want that to change in time for the final release of Windows 10.

windows 10 features 2

So if you’re working on one desktop and want to drag that program to your other desktop, then Windows 10 should be able to seamlessly transfer the program between desktops.

2) Windows Explorer tabs

It blows my mind that Windows Explorer has never had tabs. It’s true! For whatever reason, Microsoft has never thought its users needed tabs when navigating through the depths of their computer’s files.

windows explorer tabs

Here’s the problem with that approach: every other OS already has this feature. Every other OS has had this feature for years. Please, Windows 10, just give us some tabs.

3) Windows Update should update all drivers

Windows Update is where we all go to download our latest Windows updates. Unfortunately, Windows Update is only used for installing official Microsoft updates. And our PCs need way more updates than that. Lots of users want to make Windows 10’s Windows Update the “one stop shop” for all graphics drivers, chipset updates, and software patches.

Maybe then Windows Update would actually be useful.

4) Eliminate all Aero-themed objects

Earlier versions of Windows have all come with their unique visual themes and styles. Both Window 7 and Windows 8 came with their own unique styles, but unfortunately, Windows 8 didn’t eliminate all Aero-themed objects and thumbnails.

That gave the OS a half-baked feel and frustrated users. With Windows 10, users want Microsoft to get rid of all the old Aero-themed objects (which have been around since Windows 7).


5) Bring back Aero Glass

Thousands of Windows users want to get rid of all Aero-themed objects. But thousands more want to bring back the same Aero Glass preview that made its way into Windows 8’s Developer Preview.

6) Persian calendar

Out of all the entries on this list, this is the one most out of left field. Apparently, thousands of Windows users really want a Persian calendar option in Windows 10. What’s the difference between a Persian calendar and a normal western calendar? I don’t know. But this is what a Persian calendar looks like.

windows 10 features


7) Free

Free Windows is obviously a popular option. It’s one of the most-requested features on the Windows support page. That makes sense, but it’s really unlikely to happen. However, many people expect Microsoft to hand out some sexy upgrade deals – like between $10 and $50 for existing Windows users.

Sounds good to me!

8) Pin anything to the Start menu

Windows has always been about customizing your UI however you like. Unfortunately, Windows 8 through that concept out the door and made it impossible to customize certain weird things – like the Modern UI.

windows 10 2

Windows users want that to change with Windows 10. They want to be able to pin anything their heart’s desire to the Start menu – from applications and programs to documents and website shortcuts.

9) A new and improved Notepad

Notepad is the most basic and widely-distributed text processor in the world today. It does an excellent job of letting you type down text – but it doesn’t do anything more than that.

That’s why a lot of people – including programmers – use something called Notepad++, which offers the same basic text processing functionality with some additional cool features, like numbered lines and new formatting options.

notepad plus plus

It’s kind of a blend between Microsoft Word and Notepad, but still maintains the barebones word processing power of Notepad.

10) Advanced volume mixing controls

Windows has always had a single up/down volume control. Sure, you can go to the full Volume Mixer tool and customize options like input/output devices and microphone sensitivity, but you can’t do much beyond that.

windows 10 features 3

That’s why I like the proposal for advanced volume mixing controls in Windows 10. This proposal would see the addition of application-specific volume controls in Windows. You can mute Chrome without turning down iTunes, for example, and turn off all system sounds while still enjoying music.

It’s a small change, but it’s something Windows has needed for a while.

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