Malware infections can strike at any time. But in most cases, malware leaves telltale signs around the system that tell users they have been infected with malware.

By recognizing these telltale signs, computer users can take action before the virus deeply infects their system. The sooner the virus is removed, the less time it has to steal sensitive user data.

Ready to learn how to spot dangerous viruses and malware problems? Keep reading!

4) You see pop-up ads even when not browsing the internet

Viruses love to send pop-up advertisements to users. Sometimes, these pop-up ads can appear even when the user isn’t browsing the internet. If your internet browser window is closed and pop-ups are still appearing, then you may have a serious virus infection.

Follow the removal instructions at the bottom of this article and completely avoid clicking on the pop-up advertisements. In most cases, they’ll take you to shady websites that steal your information and install more viruses on your computer.

3) Common system tools are suddenly inaccessible

Viruses disable system tools so that users can’t figure out what is wrong with their PC. They may prevent users from accessing their antivirus software, for example, as well as their Task Manager. If strange error messages keep popping up whenever you try to access important system tools, then you probably have a malware infection.

2) You see antivirus warnings from software that you never installed

Viruses often disguise themselves as legitimate antivirus programs. After all, how could an antivirus program hurt your PC? Unfortunately, that’s exactly what today’s viruses and malware infections do.

These viruses can be tricky because they usually use names that sound trustworthy. Some are even brazen enough to use Microsoft’s name or the Windows brand and logo. Others simply call themselves generic names like “Security Essentials Software.”

Before clicking on any antivirus pop-ups, make sure the pop-up is from a software program that you actually installed on your system. Or else you risk pushing the infection deeper into the PC.

1) You notice nothing wrong

At first glance, you might think that this tip doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. But it does. Today’s viruses are so clever that they can burrow deep within the computer and never be detected by even the world’s best antivirus software.

However, these viruses can still monitor the PC user’s activity, including web browsing information and personal documents. In some cases, the virus can even turn on the computer’s webcam or microphone to record users sitting at their computers.

How to fix malware and virus problems as quickly as possible

Obviously, it’s important to fix these problems sooner rather than later. The more time malware has to infect the system, the more dangerous it can be.

Fortunately, we have an easy way to remove malware from the PC. It’s called PC Cleaner Pro, and it aims to make optimizing PC performance as easy as possible. If you can click the left mouse button, you can run PC Cleaner Pro on your system.

PC Cleaner Pro roots out viruses and malware and eliminates them from the PC. Best of all – the software is free to try.

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