If you’ve invested a lot of money into building a high powered gaming PC, then you want to play as many games as possible on that PC.

Fortunately, PC gamers have some of the best options when it comes to buying games for cheap prices. While console users have to satisfy themselves with the bargain bin at Wal-Mart, PC gamers can find exciting discounts online.

Ready to discover the best ways to save money on PC games? Here are our top 5 favorite methods:

5) Humble Bundles

www.Humble.com is one of the best places to get great games for very cheap prices. Humble Bundle sales go towards a good cause. Some Bundles feature mobile games while others feature indie PC games. More recently, we’ve seen popular Humble Bundle’s like EA’s, which featured the Sims, Battlefield, Crysis 2, and all sorts of other A-list PC game bundles.

Humble works on a unique concept: you name the price you want to pay for each bundle of games. Even if it’s a bunch of premium titles bundled together, you can choose to pay only $1 or less for it. However, you can pay more to unlock more games (or pay more just to feel good about yourself).

Check Humble.com periodically to get great deals on games you’ve heard of or to discover games you’ve never heard of before. With all proceeds going towards a good cause, you get to feel good about yourself and get cheap PC games at the same time!

humble bundle ea

4) Wait a bit

No, “Wait a bit” isn’t a website you can visit. Instead, it’s a tip.

If you really want a PC game and don’t mind paying for it, then buy it on Day 1 for $59.99. However, if you want to save a bit of money, then you’re going to have to learn to be patient.

Patience will get you a long ways when it comes to PC game sales. Within a year, games generally go on sale at least a few times. Sometimes, you’ll see sales on Steam or from local retailers. Of course, if you’re really patient, you can wait 2-3 years and get your games for $10 at Wal-Mart.

3) Thrift stores and pawn shops

This is the best way to get classic PC games, hidden gems, and other treasures. Thrift shops, pawn shops, or whatever you call them in your area are excellent ways to pick up old games for cheap.

Do you have fond memories of the original Age of Empires? You might find the disks at a local pawn store for $5. Take a look at the pawn shops around your local area and see what you can see.

thrift shop pc games

2) Package deals

There are plenty of good ways to get package deals on games. You can find package deals on Steam, for example, or on Humble Bundle, IndieGala, and other similar websites. If you’re going to play at least a couple games in the package, then they’re usually worth the price.

Sometimes, the bundles of games can be quite sizable. Steam has put entire publisher catalogs on sale, for example, where you can find every single game ever released by Bethesda, Ubisoft, and other companies in one simple bundle.

Whether you’re talking about PC gaming or mobile data plans, bundling can save you money.

1) Steam Winter and Summer Sales

If you’re looking for good PC games for cheap prices, then Steam is your best option. Yes, other retailers have sales, but no retailers have sales like Steam. Steam sales generate fan videos like this, featuring Gabe Newell as the messiah bringing low prices to the masses:

That’s just a glimpse of the hype that surrounds the average Steam Summer Sale or Steam Winter Sale. To fully experience the madness, just wait until 10am PST on the first day of the Winter or Summer sale. Steam usually crashes and thousands of gamers around the world hit refresh on Steam at the same time. It’s madness.

The only things you won’t find on Steam are:

-Physical copies of games

-EA games, including Battlefield, the Sims, etc., which are found on Steam’s wannabe rival digital sales platform, Origin

Other than those exceptions, you’ll find major titles from just about every big PC game publisher. Steam is also a social network that lets you add friends, join their games, chat with people, and do all the other good stuff you want to do when PC gaming.

steam summer sale

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