Top 5 Easy Ways to Boost Overwatch Performance

Top 5 Easy Ways to Boost Overwatch Performance

Overwatch is one of the most beautiful and colorful PC games available today. However, all that beauty requires plenty of graphic processing power. Is your rig struggling with Overwatch? Here are some of the best ways to boost Overwatch performance.

Disable Dynamic Reflections

Overwatch has a number of preset graphic settings, including Low, Medium, High, Ultra, and Epic. However, these presets have surprisingly minimal impact on performance.

If you want to disable one setting to increase your performance, try disabling Dynamic Reflections. This can provide up to a 50% boost in framerates when disabled. More importantly, it’s not something most people will even notice – let alone miss.

Disable Local Fog Detail

Local Fog Detail gives Overwatch an extra bit of visual flair. However, it has a significant impact on performance.

Disabling Local Fog Detail can lead to a 10 to 15% impact on performance.

Disable Other Visual Settings

If you disabled Local Fog Detail and Dynamic Reflections but still need faster frame rates, there are other things you can disable. Try reducing Shadow Quality and Ambient Occlusion, for example. These don’t affect performance as significantly as the two mentioned above. However, they tend to have a bigger impact than texture settings.

Upgrade to the Right Video Card

PC Gamer recently did a comprehensive test on graphics cards and how they run Overwatch at maximum specs. If you’re in the market for a new graphics card, and you play a lot of Overwatch, then this list can be very helpful.

Courtesy of

Even on “Epic” settings, most modern graphics cards do a very impressive job of running Overwatch. If you’re looking for the best Overwatch performance, however, then Nvidia is at the top of the list with its 1080 Ti, 1080, and 1070 – all of which are impressive graphics cards outside of Overwatch as well.

When PCGamer dropped the settings down to “Medium” quality, the GTX 1080 actually outperformed the GTX 1080 Ti by a hair. On Medium settings, the GTX 1060 also bumped past the R9 Fury X to take 5th place.

Ultimately, all of the cards on the list above are very good at handling Overwatch. Whether you’re buying AMD or Nvidia’s flagship cards, you’re going to get framerates above 60 FPS on all the cards listed above.

Other Settings to Consider

Overwatch’s menu is filled with tweakable settings. Here are some of the settings to consider when trying to improve your Overwatch framerates:

Render Scale: Overwatch lets you set render scale from 50 to 200. Instead of using Automatic, try setting this to 100. This can have a significant impact on performance – although dropping it all the way down to 50 can also significantly impact your gaming experience.

Texture Quality: If your card has over 4GB of VRAM, then Overwatch’s texture quality has surprisingly little impact on performance. However, if you have less than 2GB of VRAM, then you’ll want to drop your texture settings down until framerates improve.

Shadow Detail: Shadow detail sounds like something that would have a big impact on performance, but it’s not as powerful as you may think. Nevertheless, turning it off can improve performance by around 3% to 5%.

Model Detail: You may not notice a major difference between the Medium and Ultra setting in terms of Model Detail. In fact, even the Low setting can be hard to spot. It doesn’t make a huge impact on performance, but it may be worth a shot to nudge up your framerates.

Effects Detail: This can improve performance by about 4%.

Lighting Detail: Adjust this setting to improve framerate by about 3%, when comparing the Low setting versus Ultra. This will change the quality and number of light sources (including god rays).

Antialias Quality: Antialias quality doesn’t affect performance as much as you think it would. Most GPUs can handle this setting on Ultra.

The final settings on the list, including Refraction Quality, Local Reflections, and Ambient Occlusion, all affect Overwatch performance by about 5%.

The final video setting, Screenshot Quality, just affects the resolution of screenshots and only affects framerates when you take a screenshot.

Ultimately, Overwatch continues to thrive well over a year after its release. Graphic driver updates continue to be tuned for the game, and Overwatch has more than 30 million registered players. Using the tips above, you can boost Overwatch performance to the next level. Higher framerates aren’t always associated with higher K/D ratios – but it certainly doesn’t hurt.


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