Hype about GTA V for PC is growing on a daily basis. But before you get too excited about Grand Theft Auto V for PC, remember that the console industry has a track record of wrecking good games on PC.

Somewhere between the console and PC, the game’s magic gets lost. Sometimes, porting the game involves lazy coding and a lack of quality control or testing. While in other cases, console games just don’t translate well to the PC’s architecture.

Whatever the reason may be, we’re all hoping that GTA V breaks the trend of poor PC ports. But to remind you of the dangers of bad PC ports, here’s a list of the worst console ports that ever arrived on our beloved PC:

Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 suffered from major control problems on PC – even if you used a controller. To make matters worse, RE4 was actually a port of a port. The original game appeared on GameCube before being ported to the PS2 and finally the PC. It was sloppy and virtually unplayable – especially during cut scenes and any actions that involved moving. So basically the whole game was broken. If you want to play RE4 on PC today, you’re going to have to download fan-made patches.

resident evil

Every member of the Dead Space franchise

Dead Space’s major problem was that for some bizarre reason, the developers felt the need to lock the PC game at 30 frames per second. That might be a good framerate in the poverty third-world environment of console gaming, but it’s unacceptable for most members of the PC gaming master race. All Dead Space franchise ports to PC were missing major graphics customization options. They also used DirectX9 instead of the more modern DX10 and DX11.

dead space pc port


Borderlands 2 was and still is an excellent PC game. But before Borderlands 2 there was Borderlands 1, which was just an awful port. One of the problems was that developers hardly optimized the game for keyboard and mouse, which made it virtually unplayable at times. The menus were a particular sticking point with gamers, as they were nearly impossible to navigate with a gamepad.

borderlands pc port

Dark Souls

Dark Souls is one of the most frustrating and difficult games ever made. On consoles, it was notoriously difficult to beat. But the PC port made things even more ridiculously difficult. On the PC port, graphics were locked at 720p, which created some major rendering problems and shoddy overall graphics. But the real problem was the way the game used DRM: it required Windows Live DRM. Combine these problems with awful controls and you can understand why PC gamers don’t have a high opinion of the Dark Souls franchise.

dark souls pc game port

Grand Theft Auto IV

The awful GTA IV PC port is the only reason to be hesitant about GTA V’s arrival on PC. GTA IV had a notoriously bad PC port that made it unplayable on all but the most powerful rigs. Even today, several years after its release, you’re going to need a beefy rig to run GTA IV maxed out. Back when it was first released, only the most exclusive PC gamers could run GTA IV maxed out at 50 fps. Oh, and did I mention that GTA IV mysteriously required Windows Live DRM and a mandatory login to the Rockstar Social Club. That’s right, you had to log into 2 (and sometimes 3, if you played on Steam) separate DRM services to play this awful port.

gta iv pc port

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