Computers have obviously changed our world in countless ways. However, that doesn’t mean that computers are always easy to love. There are plenty of things to hate about PCs. If you’ve ever sworn at your computer, an inanimate object that can’t hear you, then you’re probably well aware of some of these pet peeves.

Without further ado, here are some of the things that annoy us most about our computers:

6) My PC is too slow

Reason: you’re running too many programs at once. Your hard drive is too full. You don’t have enough RAM. Your computer has a poor internet connection. This list isn’t in numerical order, or else this complaint would be closer to the top – it’s one complaint we hear more than any others here at Speed Up My PC Free.

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5) My computer is taking too long to startup, reboot, or shut down

Reason: Your PC is trying to load too many programs during startup, or trying to close too many programs during shutdown. Uninstall programs you don’t use or use the msconfig application to choose which programs load on startup. You should also make sure to close programs before you hit the shutdown button.

4) My internet is slow

This is another common complaint and it’s right up there with “my PC is too slow” as far as common complaints go. Reason: Slow internet problems can be caused by all sorts of different factors, including using slow internet browsers or having viruses on your PC. Try running an antivirus scan or using CCleaner to clear out old cookies and temporary internet files. Alternatively, move your laptop or PC around the home to see if you can get a stronger Wi-Fi signal.

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3) My browser doesn’t work

You may be having internet problems that aren’t just about internet speed. Reason: If that’s the case, then you may have a browser hijack virus. Browser hijack viruses infect your browser’s core files and monitor your web traffic or redirect your Google search results. These viruses are exceptionally painful and annoying. The best way to fix these problems is to run a deep antivirus scan using trusted security software.

2) I get [any] Windows error

Windows errors suck. They rarely, if ever, tell the PC user what’s actually wrong with their system. Instead, they display some random code that you need to write down. Once you’ve written that code down, you need to search Google to find how to solve your problem. It’s a painstaking process that has frustrated many Windows users over the years.

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Reason: You’re getting Windows errors because of problems with critical Windows files, the Windows registry, or general areas of your hard drive. Windows errors come in all shapes, sizes, and levels of severity. Some Windows errors are relatively harmless, while others can have devastating effects on your PC.

Try running PC Cleaner Pro to fix your errors (and thousands of other PC problems). PC Cleaner Pro is an expert registry cleaner and PC optimization tool used by thousands around the world.

1) Software I haven’t installed keeps popping up on my PC

Virus makers are getting smarter and smarter. In recent years, they’ve gotten particularly good at disguising their viruses as legitimate software programs. These software programs trick many innocent PC users into installing things they don’t actually need.

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Reason: This software might have infected your PC after you visited a bad website. Or, you might have clicked on a link in a spam email or accidentally downloaded an infected .exe file.

Next time you restart your computer, you might see a warning message from a software program you never installed. This warning message might tell you that your PC is infected with thousands of errors and viruses. You may be asked to pay a $40 charge in order to fix your PC. This is called ransomware and it is a particularly nasty type of virus.

To fix it, restart your PC in safe mode and uninstall the unwanted programs. Perform a virus scan in safe mode to make sure everything is gone.

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