Microsoft OneDrive has received millions of new sign-ups over the last three months. Thanks to promotional deals like free 1TB of OneDrive with Office 365, and even unlimited OneDrive storage, membership has grown by leaps and bounds.

Oh, and even free users get 15GB of space in exchange for just an email address. Unlike other cloud storage services, you can also store files as large as 10GB.

But most people aren’t using OneDrive to its full potential. Today, I’m going to share 6 tips and tricks that help you maximize OneDrive’s effectiveness and use cloud storage like you’ve never used it before:

6) Sign up for unlimited storage space

If you’re an Office 365 subscriber, you’re eligible for unlimited OneDrive storage space. Now, I’ve got 1TB of OneDrive storage space as part of the Office 365 subscription, and I don’t really know what to do with all that space.

onedrive 2

However, why stick with 1TB when you can expand to unlimited? You don’t automatically get unlimited storage space as part of Office 365. You have to sign up for the offer online by going to There, just enter your account information.

5) Double your free 15GB of storage space by enabling Camera Backup

OneDrive has excellent apps for Windows Phone, Android, and iPhone. If you’re a free user want you want more storage space, you should download the OneDrive app and enable “Camera Backup”.

onedrive 1

This backs up all your camera’s photos to OneDrive, which helps you avoid losing important memories. At the same time, Microsoft immediately gives you 15 more GB of free storage space.

So yeah, you can get 30GB of free storage space with OneDrive within just a few minutes of signing up.

4) Ensure you can access all your files offline

Just because you can access all your OneDrive files on your computer doesn’t necessarily mean they’re all saved on your computer. OneDrive typically saves all your files onto your local drive, although if you have a lot of data in your OneDrive folder and not a lot of space on your hard drive, then not all of your files will be saved.

onedrive 4

If you want to fill your hard drive with all your OneDrive files and make sure they’re accessible offline, then you can change your OneDrive settings to do that. Follow these steps:

-Right click the OneDrive icon in your Windows system tray

-Click Settings

-Check the box beside Make all files available even when this PC isn’t connected to the internet

3) Setup two factor authentication

If you’ve followed all the steps so far, then your photos, videos, and personal documents are probably all saved in your OneDrive folder. Obviously, you don’t want anybody but you to have access to your OneDrive account.

Some people have had their cloud storage accounts hacked and lost everything. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you by setting up two factor authentication (2FA) on your OneDrive account. To do that, sign into your OneDrive account by going to, then click on Security info. From there, follow Microsoft’s instructions on setting up 2FA.

onedrive 5

After setting it up, you’ll now receive a code on your mobile device every time you need to authenticate a new laptop, tablet, computer, or phone. This prevents someone from say, knowing your password and downloading all your OneDrive files to another computer.

2) View EXIF data about the photo directly from OneDrive

EXIF data tells you important information about your photo. Every photo has EXIF data by default. That EXIF data includes the geographic location, resolution, date taken, and other interesting information about each photo. You can also add your own tags, which may help you find photos at a future date.

onedrive 6

You don’t need to install a third party EXIF viewer with OneDrive. You can view all of this information directly from OneDrive itself.

1) Use IFTTT to store your best memories automatically

IFTTT is one of the fastest growing online services out there today. IFTTT lets you enable certain recipes which automate your web-based services and make your life easier in thousands of different ways.

With IFTTT, one action triggers another. IFTTT stands for If This, Then That. If someone tags you in a photo on Facebook, your IFTTT recipe will automatically save that photo into your OneDrive account.

Other popular IFTTT OneDrive recipes include:

-Save all Facebook photos you’re tagged in to OneDrive

-Upload all new iOS or Android photos to OneDrive

-Download favorite tracks on SoundCloud to OneDrive

-Upload all new Flickr photos to OneDrive

-Backup all Instagram photos to OneDrive

-Archive all Gmail message or attachments to OneDrive

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