If you’re looking at the Speed Up My PC Free blog, then you’re probably interested in learning how to buy a fast computer or speed up a computer on your own. However, today, we’re going to tell you about a fast computer that is not only outside your budget range, but also outside the budget range of most of the world’s countries.

The U.S. Department of Energy deployed a computer called Titan today. True to its name, Titan is capable of performing a mammoth number of calculations per second. Just how many calculations per second, you ask? 20 trillion. Yes, that’s a ‘tr’.

The last time the United States unveiled a supercomputer like this was 2009, when the U.S. Department of Energy unveiled something called Jaguar. Titan is ten times faster than Jaguar and several times faster than computers that were recently constructed by China, Japan, and IBM. In other words, over the span of just three years, the world has been able to increase its supercomputing power ten times over.

The supercomputer is designed to enhance American competitiveness on the global marketplace. So no, it’s not going to be used to play video games, but if it did, it would be able to run them across thousands of screens at maximum settings. Just take a look at the specs of Titan:

-18,688 AMD 16-core Opteron 6274 CPUs (yes, that’s 16-cores per CPU)

-18,688 Nvidia Tesla K20 GPUs (graphics cards)

-700TB of memory

-9 megawatt power supply (costs $10 million per year to run)

Honestly, I expected a little more storage space from Titan. 700TB is a lot of storage space, but considering I have about 3TB of storage space on my computer, Titan appears to be slacking in that department.

Some people are confused about why Titan has graphics cards. Apparently, they’re used to execute complex scientific and mathematical operations. Just like with your home PC, the GPUs work in tandem with the CPUs to provide faster overall application execution.

In any case, Titan is expected to help with complex research projects. 40 projects are selected each year by scientific experts at the DOE. These projects have full use of the supercomputer during a certain timespan. In the past, similar supercomputers were used to conduct neuroscience research, lower emissions, and interpret economic data. So, for those who are wondering, yes: having a supercomputer is certainly important.

How to turn your home computer into Titan

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to turn your home PC into Titan anytime soon. However, you will be able to speed up its performance using a program like PC Cleaner Pro. Today, PC Cleaner Pro is helping optimize thousands of computers around the world. After downloading the program, simply run a scan, allow the scan to complete, and look for all of the areas where PC Cleaner Pro can optimize your system. It’s that easy!

Sure, your PC might not be Titan-worthy after running PC Cleaner Pro. But then again, PC Cleaner Pro doesn’t cost $10 million per year to run. In fact, it’s free to download.

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