We’ve talked about Ubuntu a few times on this blog. If you haven’t heard of it, Ubuntu is a Linux-based operating system that uses a minimal amount of system resources and runs faster than most other operating systems on the market today.

Up until now, Linux-based operating systems like Ubuntu were reserved for geeks: the installation process was fairly complex and coding was often required in order to get them to work properly. To make matters worse, there were only a limited number of programs available for Linux-based operating systems.

However, the PC industry is starting to notice a trend. At the recent Ubuntu 12.10 developer summit, it was revealed that Ubuntu expects to capture a 5% market share in the PC operating system market by early next year. This information was revealed by Canonical’s Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Chris Kenyon, who also claimed that Ubuntu was collaborating with OEMs to deliver more Ubuntu-based machines to consumers.

That’s right: to get Ubuntu, you will no longer have to handle the messy install process yourself. Instead, some machines will come pre-installed with Ubuntu out of the box, avoiding the need for pricey Windows operating system software.

At the Ubuntu summit, Kenyon also revealed some interesting statistics about Ubuntu’s growth. He claims that nearly ten million Ubuntu units were shipped last year around the world on nearly $7.5 billion worth of hardware. The company is also going to open a second office in Asia (they will now have offices in Beijing and Taipei). Lastly, the company expects Ubuntu to ship on 18 million units around the world by 2013.

Advantages of using Ubuntu

Why would you get Ubuntu when you already have a perfectly good operating system in Windows? Here are a few of its advantages:


-Very small system requires; needs a minimal amount of resources to run

-Free app store with thousands of entries (there are also some apps available for purchase)

-Applications for everything from word processing to spreadsheet processing

-Open source operating system with open source software

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