At the Speed Up My PC Free blog, we wage war against useless software. As many new computer owners know, new PCs often come packed with dozens of useless programs. From free game trials to 30-day antivirus software tryouts, these programs are rarely ever used.

Unfortunately, they still take up crucial processing power and memory on your PC. That means they slow down your computer’s performance and take up hard drive space. Not to mention the constant pop-ups begging users to “Upgrade to the full version today!”

After spending several hundred (or several thousand) dollars on a new computer, most people don’t want to be bombarded with advertisements for useless software. Unfortunately, these bloatware and crapware programs have been a constant issue with new Windows computers, and it’s one area where Apple continues to beat Microsoft.

Since Apple makes its own computers, it chooses exactly which software is installed. Microsoft, on the other hand, makes its own software and sells that software to hardware manufacturers – its OEM partners. Its OEM partners attempt to make extra money from the sale of computers by pre-installing bloatware like this on all new builds.

If Microsoft wants to get serious about offering a better package than Apple, then it needs to think of a solution to this problem. OEMs are weakening Microsoft’s brand image by including frivolous programs on all new PCs, and that’s a problem for Microsoft.

What kind of bloatware will be included on Windows 8 PCs?

ZDNet released a list of the bloatware we can expect to see on brand new Windows 8 PCs.

Acer Windows 8 PCs will include:

-Acer Portal

-Acer Games

-Acer Recovery Management

-Nero 12 Essentials

-Adobe Reader

-Norton Internet Security Suite

-Microsoft Office 2010 (60-day trial)

Gateway Windows 8 PCs will include:

-CyberLink PowerDVD

-Gateway MyBackup Solution

-Gateway Games Powered by WildTangent (play low-quality games for a maximum of 60 minutes, woo!)

-Gateway Recovery Management

-Adobe Reader

-Adobe Flash

-Norton Internet Security

Obviously, not all of these programs are useless. It’s a good idea to have antivirus installed on your computer from the first day you own it, and Microsoft Office is always nice. You’ll need Adobe Flash and Adobe Reader at some point, as well.

But as for the other Acer and Gateway branded software, it’s best labelled as bloatware, crapware, uselessware, or whatever else you want to call it. Prepare to get your uninstall buttons ready if you plan on buying a brand new Windows 8 PC this fall.

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