When running quickly and efficiently, the harmonious relationship between computer and its user is a beautiful thing to behold. However, anyone who has ever operated a computer knows that at times they can act as tired and cranky as they make their owners.

Knocking the PC over in a fit of irritation may be tempting but probably won’t be helpful long- term.  First, go through your files and delete any duplicates or material you no longer need. Empty your Recycle bin as leftover data can also be a contributing factor to the crawl.  Taking this step will help you speed up your PC.

Another component in the line of defense for your computer against lethargic and delayed performance is antivirus software. Just like a human being, computers need maintenance and protection to perform at top capacity. Speed problems with your PC can stem from hardware fatigue. Reboot once a week.

You can also try defragmenting your hard disk which will ease the extra work you computer needs to do when fragmentation is a strong presence. Run your antivirus software to prevent spyware from causing problems with your machine’s overall effectiveness. It’s also important to clean your registry which will speed up your PC.

When multitasking, it’s natural and automatic to open and work in multiple programs. This can also create slowness.  Close them out, clear your taskbar and take it one task at a time or optimum quickness. Uninstalling programs you don’t plan to use again or soon is also a good idea. Before you spend money on an upgrade, you can try freeing up some of your hard drive space.

Sometimes an approach as basic as using keyboard shortcuts for commands can achieve the desired result.  Streamlining your unit is your best bet to speed up your PC functions.

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